new house!

it is amazing how much of a time sink it is to put up a new house..

new house

but i love it!

bff vivi && i spotted this house at the new round of c88 and we both fell in love. so even though i still really liked our previous house (from funky junk!), we bought this one instead and spent most of last night… and a good portion of today… decorating it and landscaping.

it is not *nearly* done, not by a long shot, because while the interior is mostly finished… the outside is not. but i love the way it looks and it’s kind of exciting having a new house to play around with! we don’t change buildings often, really.. in the time we’ve lived on our current land (a little less than a year, now), we’ve had three houses. and while i know that sounds like a pretty big deal, with the way i’ve seen certain people switch homes in && out, it’s not that bad… right? it’s not, is it?

either way, i really like the way this house is turning out ^_^ and once it’s done, i’ll be sure to spam lots of pics of it, wee!


happy 4th of july!

i know i’m supposed to be taking a break from blogging (lulz, like that was really gonna happen), but since it’s a holiday today here in the states.. i thought i may as well post something!

4th of july

happy 4th of july! nothing says patriotism quite like a star spangled swimsuit, right?

i’m sure you guys are gettin’ real tired of seeing me in a bikini, haha.

aaaaanyway, i hope everyone that’s celebrating today has a nice, relaxing, fun-filled day of bbq and fireworks! \o/