good reasons

oh, um…. this poor blog has been neglected since july? july? ….JULY?!?!

my god, there are so many cobwebs around here.. no wonder!

so, hi ^_^ it sure has been a while, huh? i can’t exactly say i have an excuse for my absence, or more importantly.. a *good* excuse for my absence… but hey, sometimes a break is needed. i was feeling really burnt out after the whole blog everyday in june thing && to be honest, i was kind of burnt out on sl as a whole.

breaks are good… hell, i’d even say breaks are a *necessity* when it comes to helping keep your sanity. but as with all the things i enjoy, i always come back to them eventually. it may be days, weeks, months later… but i always come back.

and sometimes, i even have good reasons for coming back~

good reasons

like friends!

if you’ve followed this blog (or my old fashion blog) for any amount of time, then you *should* be familiar with my bestie vivi (she’s the pretty lady in the dark hair above, btw!). she’s my partner in crime, my better half, my sister from another mister… and she’s my bff in my first life, too. has been since we were kids! she’s been in my life for decades (okay so as not to age me too terribly, that’s only *two* decades, but y’know) and so it was natural that when i made my way into second life, that she followed suit not long after.

buutttttt… she’s not the *only* rl friend i’ve dragged into sl. that gorgeous red-head up there in the middle? that’s my other long-time rl bestie, pumms, who i’ve known since i was a wee teenager. she, too, is like a sister to me, feels like my partner in crime, like my other other better half (i have three halves, okay? don’t judge!).. it feels like i’ve known her for forever && a day. she’s been curious about sl for as long as vivi && i have been active in-world, but only just recently acquired a computer hefty enough to run it.

and the result?

a really fucking happy vixxie! \o/

it’s been so long since i helped an true, genuine newbie that even *i* forgot how to do things because they’re just second nature to me. i forgot how much you need to get a decent virtual wardrobe started. sure, vivi && i provided a lot of the goodies for dear pumms… and the arcade was awesome for helping her get started with good quality, transferable items. i slipped her a shape i’d been making, vivi handed over a skin and a few hairstyles.. we passed pumms boots, eyes, glasses… and thanks to sn@tch, who still thankfully offers transfer clothing, we hooked pumms up with shirts and skirts and all *kinds* of awesome goodies.

….and then we went shopping. for piercings (because, like me, pumms wanted as many holes in her face as she could get!), for tattoos, for more clothes, for shoes, for an AO….

not to mention, explaining how to walk(!).. how to edit attachments… what icons mean what in your inventory… the difference between mesh && system clothing…

and after all that work, honest to god, i feel like a proud mama. /me wipes away a tear

so, yeah, it took a friend wanting to experience the funsies on sl for me to return to it after several months of absence. and, yeah, i feel so behind on all the new releases (my god, the shoes alone…) and behind on all the happenings on the grid, but it feels good to be logging back in regularly again. hopefully it stays that way!

..hopefully pumms keeps loggin’ in too, or else she && i will have to have some words.

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  1. Hay gurl this is awesome! Thank you for all your help, I know its not easy trying to explain everything @.x

    • guuuuurl it’s my pleasure. i’m glad you’re enjoying it so far! i just think we have to talk about this “only one pair of shoes” thing you have goin’ on right now.

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