back to work

of course, after i made my *oh so triumphant* return to sl last week.. i spent the majority of my time messing with my inventory, shopping, and trying to catch up. not gonna lie, i’m still trying to catch up fully, but that’s not the point!

the point is: once i felt mostly comfortable in world again, i almost immediately got right back into makin’ nail appliers. what can i say… they are *so* fun to experiment with! because that’s what i’m doing as a newbie “content creator”.. experimenting. so far, though, i am liking the results!


old blogging habits die really hard, so i still struggle with making ads that show the nails off nicely while also attempting to offer some sort of appropriate “styling” for them. i think ads like mine indulge me in the i miss fashion blogging sometimes sort of way, which is why all my marketplace listings also show all the nails, in all possible colors, close up in a separate set of pictures.. that way i can still take pics like these && not shoot myself in the foot in terms of marketing!

that’s how you’re supposed to do it, right?

mr. panda v2


by far, the most popular set of nail appliers i have are the mr. panda set that bff vivi helped me with. she drew the li’l panda faces && i took care of the nail bases/tips and huds… and they combined in a set of *super* kawaii~~ manis and pedis. you have no idea how happy it makes me that my best-selling nails have been a pair that i worked on with my best friend!

sooo, i decided to make a second set of mr. panda polishes, this time in brighter colors! i personally think they turned out really cute (not biased or anything, i swear!) and i hope fans of the pastel version will like this new set, too. /me crosses her fingers

the other set i made, in the first collage above, is aptly titled falloween… as it’s a combo of colors i associate with autumn in general, as well as specific to halloween. they were mostly inspired by candy corn, hence the tri-color theme in all the nails in that set, but there’s more than just orange, yellow and white in there! brown, copper, deep purple, bright red, black, even navy blue.. all colors i associate with cooler fall weather && spooky halloween costumes. i really like how they turned out, too!

as always, there are lots more sample photos on my marketplace to better show off each of the colors available. i include both finger && toe appliers in one package, so you can mix ‘n’ match as much as you like… because that’s *the* most fun thing about these appliers, imo!

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