is that fiona apple song stuck in your head? about now?



i don’t always need a good excuse to take a random picture, but when i do i’m naked? i suppose that makes sense!

second life snapshot taking, editing, processing, posting… all of this is still so new to me. i’ve been doing it for years && years and it feels like i’m always constantly learning. i’m not the best photographer, i’m not the best in photoshop, but i enjoy all of it… the learning included. sure there are tips ‘n’ tricks i’ve picked up over time and i’m certainly better than i was, say, in 2010… but i tend to let the viewer do more of my work for me than i’d ever do in photoshop.

sti~ill….. i do like taking random, impossibly vain, and completely pointless pictures every now and again. a couple of years ago, i never would’ve had the guts (or even the desire) to post my pixel booty on a public blog. but now there are quite a few nude, semi-nude, topless && bottomless pics of me floatin’ about. i suppose this says something about my personality, or that as i grow older i’m becoming more and more comfortable with myself (virtual version included in this), or that i’ve come to the realization that there’s nothing wrong with looking or feeling sexy.

i mean, it’s still artistic, right? it’s not *porn*, after all. it may not be tasteful, but at least it’s not tasteless!

or i could blame it all on the fact that i’m still mystified by shadows in second life and that i was playing around with a photo prop that i bought ages ago && just rediscovered that provided some rather nice shadows… and that i took a pic between outfit changes when i just happened to be nakie. 😉

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