trick or treat

man, i love halloween! i love the costumes, i love the scary stuff, i love the candy and the decorations and the colors…. it feels like fall is hitting its stride when halloween hits!

so when i spied, on flickr, that havenhollow was opening last weekend, i could *not* wait to dive into the halloween spirit && see it for myself.

and believe me, i was not disappointed.


my two besties, vivi and pumms accompanied my to havenhollow && we had a total blast!

the sim is practically oozing with atmosphere. the neighborhood where you trick-or-treat is *so* nicely done. the houses are all fantastically decorated, the treats are a nice touch and the tricks are very amusing… it’s an entire experience, rather than just something you walk around in, and i loved it. it gives me hope that more awesome halloween-y stuff like this will hit the grid soon!

it was so much fun, and a li’l creepy too, and the three of us embraced all the silly childlike halloween atmosphere with open arms!

trick or treat

and open candy buckets, too. 😉

we decided to go with a cartoon villainess theme with our costumes (mainly ’cause we couldn’t find anything suitable to cosplay the sanderson sisters, which is something we’ve wanted to do irl for a looooong long time) and even putting together these looks was some halloween funtimes. i think vivi’s costume is pretty obvious (she’s the one in the middle), and pumms’ costume is gorgeous and very in-theme for who she picked to be (she’s the red-head!), but mine wasn’t as easy to accurately portray (i’m on the left) so i had to take some creative liberties with mine… if you can guess who i am, i’ll love you forever!

i’m thinking next we need to find some *good* haunted houses… and generally fall-themed builds. if you’ve found any awesome halloween or autumn sims to explore, please let me know! the closer it gets to halloween, the more excited i get for all things spooky-fied!

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