in the spirit

have i mentioned that i’m super pumped for halloween yet? ;p

if i haven’t, i’m sure my living room will speak for itself…

in the spirit

this was so much fun to do!!

a lot of the decorations came in the form of freebies from havenhollow (y’know, the cute trick or treat sim i mentioned in my last post?), but some of the other things i either picked up specifically for this year or i already had in my inventory.

the skull rug was a freebie *ages* ago from kosh, the fireplace and pumpkins inside it, along with the shelf above and the candles on that shelf are from last year from funky junk, the pumpkin wreath and the two large pumpkin candles on the mantle are from chez moi, the three tall candles on the mantle are from dysfunctional designs, and the sofa, coffee table and chairs are from laq.. everything else were freebies from havenhollow or random prim treats that i had stashed away in my inventory.

not gonna lie, our living room is now my favorite part of the house!

it also makes me incredibly hungry….

/me eyeballs the pumpkin cupcakes on the coffee table

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