new beginnings

sometimes, the end of one thing… and the beginning of something new… is bittersweet.

new beginnings

i mean, it’s probably silly to feel nostalgic or even sad over voluntarily leaving behind something that’s been your home in a virtual world for almost a year… but i can’t deny that i’m feeling a little blue over giving up this pretty beach.

since i mentioned earlier this month that my two best friends brought me back to sl.. all three of us have been talking a lot lately about our home. vivi has always been my main roomie, but with pumms now active on sl (which i *still* cannot express how happy i am for that!), we’ve decided that we need something different. and while i’ve grown to really love this beachy parcel… i think it’s a good decision to let it go.

so, we’re moving!

i don’t think i’ve ever said where i live or what rental company i’ve used, just to keep our home as private as i can.. but after almost a year of living there, i can say that if you’re looking for land, solace beach estates offers lovely land and reasonable prices. i’ve not had one complaint about the land we’ve rented, and have always had super fast && super helpful assistance from ayesha lytton or her customer service reps. if you’re looking for land, i’d highly recommend ayesha!

..which makes it even harder for me to want to move, but i have faith that this new chapter in my second life will be an awesome one. i mean, i can’t really go wrong with spending it with my two bffs, no matter where we are, rl or sl. so it’s bittersweet, but exciting all the same!

and you know i’ll show it all off once we’ve picked a place and gotten everything all set up! :3

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