thriller night

it’s close to miiiiii~idnight and something evil’s lurkin’ in the daaaa~aarkkkkk~~

thriller night

undeeeer the mooo~ooonliiight, you see a sight that almost stops your heaaaaarrtttt~~

thriller night

you try to scream, but terror takes the sound before you make iiiittttttt!

you start to freeeeeeeeze, as horror looks you right between the eyes…

you’re paralyyyzzedddd~~



ah, sorry. you shouldn’t have to be subjected to my awful singing just because i’m pumped to show these pics (and more!) off. xD

i seriously love my friends. i’ve wanted to do a “thriller” inspired set of photos (and more!) in second life for aaaaaaages now. and this year, thanks to this ripped up zombie suit my friend allarik is wearing, i finally had a willing participant! after allarik was dressed up, all it took was a li’l persuasion && pumms was excited to pose as a red-headed female mj… complete with a jacket comparable to mr. jackson’s in the video.

it makes me incredibly happy when my friends indulge me :’) and especially when things turn out as awesome as i envisioned in my head!

in faaact…

things turned out even more awesome than i initially anticipated, because this video just kind of happened. and i *love* it! it’s not the most amazing video, and is probably the best i could do due to flickr constraints (can only upload 3 min of footage) && my own (lacking) video editing skills, but i’m really proud of it!

and it’s gotten thriller stuck in my head for days && days now… not that i mind. halloween just isn’t halloween without a little mj thrown in there!

you hear the doooooor slam and realize there’s nowhere left to ruunnn~ you feel the cooooold hand and wonder if you’ll ever see the sunnnnn! you close your eyes and hope that this is just imaginatioonnnn, giiirl! but all the whiiiiiiii~iiiiiiile, you hear the creature creepin’ up behindd….

you’re outta tiiiiiiimeeeee~~

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  1. pumms

     /  October 28, 2013

    Everything looks awesome!!! I love the video *-* you did a great job on it!! ……and omg the dance time at the end lmfao..

  2. vivitailleur

     /  October 28, 2013

    LMFAO! so sorry i missed out on this one, but that turned out awesome!!

  1. this is halloween | vixxie's virtual life

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