do you have any idea how hard it is to wrangle *certain people* together, all at once?


’cause i’m not sure you can correctly comprehend just how difficult it can be.

but for certain occasions, you do herd the family together… for a meal and for merriment and because it’s just nice to be together, despite how challenging they can sometimes make it. and i’m thankful for them, for them being here, and for them loving me just as much as i love them. …again, despite how challenging they can sometimes make it. ;p ♥

i hope everyone that’s celebrating today has a fantastic holiday, full of love and laughter and happiness and so many good noms, you need turkey rehab afterwards. i myself will be over here with the pumpkin pie + whipped cream, but i suppose if you ask nicely.. i’ll share a small piece.

happy thanksgiving!


okay okay okay… stop me if you’ve heard this one.

so. a demon hunter, a hogwarts student && a fairytale princess walk into a bar..


..“ouch!”, they all said.

*ba dum ching*

maaaaaaybe i’m not a comedian, but i will definitely admit to being a geek. and strawberry singh‘s latest meme, all about embracing the geek within is so totally up my alley that i could not wait to participate!

and the best part? i got my two besties, vivi (wielding the wand) and pumms (holding the apple) to *geek* it up with me for a quick cosplay photoshoot.. all with items we snagged from the geeks and nerds event that inspired the meme to begin with. the event, btw, is soooooooo worth a visit, we had so much fun looking around. and i totally fangirl SQUEE’D over this mesh messenger bag from boom because of it’s supernatural reference. omggggg.

but anyway, let’s get this meme started!


house tour

soo.. since the last time i mentioned my home, my friends && i have changed houses….. again. but we just finished decorating it — including decorating it for the holidays! — so i figured i might show it off. especially since i never did do any interior shots from our last house!

holiday house tour

who is up for a nice house tour? 8D


poses & nails

i always get super excited to show off the things i’ve made here on my blog. i may not be the most talented content creator on the grid, but i’m proud of the little things i make. and it’s even better when i can rope my friends into helping me with the ad photos, because then i’m even more proud to show it all off. :’)

so! new stuff!




photoshoot funsies

sometimes, the best way to spend an otherwise boring evening on sl… is to make all of your friends stand around on poseballs for hours on end.

photoshoot funsies

these aren’t even all the pics i ended up taking the other night, but it was so much fun! changing outfits, picking poses, setting up the lighting && choosing a background color.. all while pumms, vivi, d$ (our nickname for the super sexy bunny girl!) and braden (vivi’s hubby) stood around and chatted. between photos there was twerking (yes, really), joking, silliness and *so much* laughing that it made what could’ve been a rather mundane task into something that was seriously a blast~ i don’t even remember who it was that suggested we should take a whole bunch of pictures to fill the photo frames in our new home, but i’m glad we did it!

it just made me realize how awesome these people are. ♥ the pics are an added bonus, and they only serve to remind me how funny and how lovely my friends really are.


our house a very very very fine houuuuuse~

every time i post about my various homes in sl, this song always gets stuck in my head! hopefully now it’s stuck in yours, too. ;p

our house

vivi, pumms and i have been working on decorating and landscaping this new parcel for a few weeks now && i think it’s probably mostly done! i really love this house (from barnesworth anubus) and it looks so lovely on our new land.. it’s part beachy, part mountainous, part forested and i seriously am in love with every single pixel of it~