photoshoot funsies

sometimes, the best way to spend an otherwise boring evening on sl… is to make all of your friends stand around on poseballs for hours on end.

photoshoot funsies

these aren’t even all the pics i ended up taking the other night, but it was so much fun! changing outfits, picking poses, setting up the lighting && choosing a background color.. all while pumms, vivi, d$ (our nickname for the super sexy bunny girl!) and braden (vivi’s hubby) stood around and chatted. between photos there was twerking (yes, really), joking, silliness and *so much* laughing that it made what could’ve been a rather mundane task into something that was seriously a blast~ i don’t even remember who it was that suggested we should take a whole bunch of pictures to fill the photo frames in our new home, but i’m glad we did it!

it just made me realize how awesome these people are. ♥ the pics are an added bonus, and they only serve to remind me how funny and how lovely my friends really are.


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