poses & nails

i always get super excited to show off the things i’ve made here on my blog. i may not be the most talented content creator on the grid, but i’m proud of the little things i make. and it’s even better when i can rope my friends into helping me with the ad photos, because then i’m even more proud to show it all off. :’)

so! new stuff!



glitter french

i made two sets of glitter nails for slink avatar enhancement… one set is just a rainbow of super sparkly glitter && the other set is said super sparkly glitter with a similarly-colored french tip. i know it’s hard to see the glitter in the photos, but you can see it nice and up close on the marketplace listings right here and right here. i love glitter nails && i was really excited to try my hand at making my own glitter textures… especially since nothing says holiday quite like shiny glitter manis && pedis. and i have plans for lots of holiday-themed nails in the next month or so. :3

and the poses half of my new releases…

my girls

there’s two this time — one for your friends and one for your *ahem* friends. this is my first attempt at making a pose for more than just two people (since, as you may or may not be aware, i have more than one bestie!) and i think the my girls pose turned out pretty nice! the ad photo is probably my favorite out of the bunch, simply because it has two of my favorite people in the entire world (virtual or otherwise) in it.

the other pose..

feel the heat

…well, i wanted to try makin’ something racy. did i succeed? i’m not sure! xD i suppose you guys can be the judge on that.

but i will say that shooting this ad was lots of fun. cough cough.

so! as always, everything is all up on my marketplace store (sort as Age: Newest First to see the stuff in this post!) where there are lots of sample pics and all the info you’d need to know. ♥

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