house tour

soo.. since the last time i mentioned my home, my friends && i have changed houses….. again. but we just finished decorating it — including decorating it for the holidays! — so i figured i might show it off. especially since i never did do any interior shots from our last house!

holiday house tour

who is up for a nice house tour? 8D

our house is from laq, and honestly… our place is pretty much like a laq furnishings showroom. but! it’s all so so nice && matches well with the house itself, so i make no apologies. xD plus, laq just made the *gorgeous* christmas tree seen above (and seen elsewhere in the house too *cough*) and it’s wonderful. only 3LI-worth of holiday cheer && i am in love with it!


most of the holiday decorating has been done by li’l ole me.. courtesy of a few freebies i’ve picked up mostly from chez moi (which is having a freebie hunt right now!) and some cheapies from christmas past from lisp. that big poinsettia was a freebie too, from linden lab themselves. the holiday gift for premium members is full of lots of low land impact goodies including a couple trees, candles, flowers, bears and dinner tables kitted out with a delicious looking holiday spread. very nice && i’ve used a few bits ‘n’ pieces from the LL freebie in our home!


the garlands above the front door && upstairs window are also part of the freebie pack from LL! super cute!

plus our house is red and green on the outside too, definitely holiday ready~

as for the rest of the outside.. not *really* decorated for the holidays, but we have some awesome stuffs scattered about! a garden i created from plant plots by dysfunctional designs, a pretty outdoor seating area by alouette, and a makeshift fire pit and lounge area from various designers (chairs are intrigue co, the fire pit is barnesworth anubis).

anyway, back inside! the upstairs common room…

upstairs a bit of the holiday treatment, too!

another tree (because they’re just *too* nice not to use more than once), some more garlands along the bannister, a few candles && some treats on the coffee table all in christmasy colors.

also bonus pic of our bathroom because it, too, is from laq and it’s lovely && pink. 😛

now upstairs is also my bedroom..

vixxie's room

..and yes, this *is* where the magic happens. 😉

my bedroom is a mixture of a lot of things — lots of laq, along with what next, cheeky pea && the vanity is actually a pose prop from focus poses. i used a lot of pastel, vintage colors in my room and i like it, a lot. probably not the sort of bedroom one would think i’d have, but i suppose i’m just a girly-girl at heart!

vivi && pumms’ rooms are both downstairs…

pumms' room

pumms’ room is whimsical! lots of butterflies && disney princesses, because she’s obsessed with once upon a time. her main bedroom set is from lisp with a few odds ‘n’ ends from blueberry (the kitty chair!) and dysfunctional designs (the candles && books set).

vivienne's room

vivienne’s room, on the other hand, is all shades of tan and cream… and is very elegant. a lot of her bedroom pieces are laq, but the couch is trompe loeil and her big entertainment center is from alouette.

and of course, all of our bedrooms are decorated with lots and lots and LOTS of photo frames. i think that’s probably one of my favorite things to do when decorating, placing personal pictures all around. it makes it feel more *us* and is nice to see my friends’ faces in the frames. there’s lots of sentimental memories in those photo frames.. it’s just a nice part of having a space to call your own — you can fill it up with the things you love and i love my friends. ♥

so! that’s our house, all holiday-ified too! now all i need are some string-lights for the outside and i’ll be golden until january… *cough cough*…

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  1. Awe what a cute little tour of our house :3 the new trees look really nice *_@

  2. This is a cute place and like the other comments I do love that tree. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  1. holiday house tour v2.0 | current outfit

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