okay okay okay… stop me if you’ve heard this one.

so. a demon hunter, a hogwarts student && a fairytale princess walk into a bar..


..“ouch!”, they all said.

*ba dum ching*

maaaaaaybe i’m not a comedian, but i will definitely admit to being a geek. and strawberry singh‘s latest meme, all about embracing the geek within is so totally up my alley that i could not wait to participate!

and the best part? i got my two besties, vivi (wielding the wand) and pumms (holding the apple) to *geek* it up with me for a quick cosplay photoshoot.. all with items we snagged from the geeks and nerds event that inspired the meme to begin with. the event, btw, is soooooooo worth a visit, we had so much fun looking around. and i totally fangirl SQUEE’D over this mesh messenger bag from boom because of it’s supernatural reference. omggggg.

but anyway, let’s get this meme started!

What do you consider yourself to be? Geek? Nerd? Dork? None of the above? All of the above? well.. according to these definitions provided by berry, i’d have to say i’m probably more in the dork category than anything else, with perhaps a little dweeb thrown in just for kicks. i am absolutely an obsessed fanatic about the things i love, am *totally* socially inept and clueless… the only thing i’d say i’m probably not when it comes to that chart is a workaholic. i love video games, i love tv & movies, i love computers, i love to read, i love being a fan.. or even a super fan… a super duper fan. some other people may tell you i’m intelligent or that i know a lot of (useless) things, or that i’m good at word puzzles and trivia.. but deep down, i’d swear i’m just a geeky fangirl underneath it all.

What was the first computer you ever owned? the whole computer thing was something my family didn’t hop onto right away. in school, whenever our classes got to visit the computer lab was like the best thing ever and i can remember having *so* much fun playing games (oregon trail, anyone? oh god the dysentery) and writing stories. hell, i even took typing classes willingly while i was in school && even though the whole “home row” thing never stuck (but i do have a really fast wpm despite it), i really enjoyed just doing the typing exercises ’cause i loved being on the computers. i don’t remember the computer we owned at first, but i remember what year it was bought (1998!).. and i can remember spending countless hours on there, doing much of the same thing… typing, writing, and playing games. x)

When and how did you first get on the internet? just like berry, i too got my first taste of the internet through AOL. but rather than the whole A/S/L, regular chat room kind of thing… there was this whole culture of roleplayers on AOL that i got swept up into. ..which is even more geeky. ;p

Which geek fandom do you subscribe to? so many. i don’t know if my fandoms are typical “geek” fandoms, but when i fan on something… i fan really freakin’ hard. which in turn, makes it pretty dorky in it’s own right, heh. so! supernatural is a *huge* one for me right now (hence my attempt at some dean winchester cosplay in the pics in this post!) because i’m late to the party && am currently watching through all the seasons. i’m only on season 5, so no spoilers or i keel you!! but i’m also a fan of harry potter, the hunger games, true blood, walking dead, anne rice’s vampires, once upon a time, star wars, buffy the vampire slayer (yes, still to this day), .. mostly movies, books or tv shows. i tend to gravitate towards the paranormal/fantasy end of the nerd spectrum — if there are ghosts, vampires, demons, fairies, zombies or wizards in something, it’s almost a guarantee that i’ll fangirl over it.

Star Trek or Star Wars? i just mentioned this, but star wars all the way!! i was *such* a huge fan of the original trilogy when i was growing up that i went and saw all the theater re-releases of the movies with friends, i owned the trilogy on VHS (yes.. VHS), i wrote star wars fanfiction (yes, really), i had action figures and mugs and fridge magnets and stickers and t-shirts and all kinds of merch. and, probably the geekiest part of it all, was that when i was in middle school.. i was so obsessed with star wars that i developed a nickname of “threep” because my favorite character from the series was C-3PO, aka the golden droid friend of R2D2. my li’l group of friends called me threep for the entirety of middle school and yes, they all had star wars nicknames too.

How Geeky Are You? i took the test that berry provided, and scored 52%. a lot of the questions were outside of my “fandoms”, but at least i scored better than half? …wait, is that a good thing or a bad thing? xD

my internet cool points may have just gone down a few hundred, but that’s okay. i’m fine with being a dorky dweeb. especially if that means i get to walk the grid with my hey assbutt messenger bag, because ain’t nobody got a better messenger bag than me!

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