big things

so i’ve had a few big things happen to me in the last several days or so, that i haven’t yet blogged about… and i thought maybe now might be a good time to do so!

after all, this blog is vixxie’s virtual life && these things have a pretty decent impact on my virtual life, so let’s get to dishin’!




so, um, a bit of backstory on this one! ehe~



new pose packs

somehow with all the holiday craziness, i managed to make *three* new pose sets!

yay me!


stuck? STUCK!?

merry christmas eve, everyone!

amidst all the merriment, i have to make time to watch one of my favorite movies ever. on repeat. for the next *twenty-four hours*.

not only is a christmas story probably the *best* holiday movie ever made, but it’s also in my top five favorite movies of all time. i can quote the movie off by heart, i own it on DVD, i want a leg lamp in my rl *so* freakin’ badly… even my dog is named after this movie (his name is ralphie! say hi, ralphie!). i could easily watch it for the entirety of the annual marathon, and it most likely will indeed be on in the background during all of my holiday festivities.

so naturally, i had to pay homage to it in second life, too. ;P

i’m sure i’ll throw together a post tomorrow for the big day, but if not.. i hope everyone has a nice holiday! ♥

christmas came early

ah, christmas. while it’s not my favorite holiday (that spot is *def* taken by halloween!), i do still love christmas. there’s a special feeling that christmas gives you… a generous, selfless kind of feeling. the kind of feeling that makes you go out of your way to make your friends && family feel loved. you do *special* things… unexpected things… just to try and make someone’s day merry ‘n’ bright~

and it just so happens that two special guys in my life decided to give me a christmas present a few days early..

man oh man. do i have the *best* friends or what?!



i have a lot of vices in second life. my inventory numbers can attest to just how many vices i have. but i think my favorite *guilty pleasure* has to be new, pretty piercings…

i have always… always always raved about haus of darcy. from the moment i discovered the store way back when, i was completely hooked. and there is very little else that i get more excited about than new releases from hod, so much so that i’m honestly surprised at myself that i haven’t had a *squee* moment here until now over the new mesh collection.

the newest piercings from hod are flaw free. they are amazing. so easy to fit, such awesome metallic colors, really unique designs… i’ve snagged my own personal favorites from the collection, but i keep finding *new* favorites every time i go to look at them all. i want exactly one of everything, and it’s because every piece is different than the last.

i don’t wear any other brand’s piercings (and the few times i have, i’ve actually felt *guilty* for it because of how much i adore hod) and i don’t feel like myself without them on. i can even forgo the blonde hair, the blue eyes, or the ridiculous tattoos, but i quite literally have a hard time not wearing aydan darcy’s piercings. vixxie just isn’t vixxie without hod on her face (or, y’know, in other places too, ehe!), so believe me when i say that my love for all things hod is not just simple blogger fanfare.

plus, new piercings always give me an opportunity to be completely vain… because i feel compelled to take a new picture with each release. old fashion-blog-habits are hard to break, i suppose, but i can’t help that i look damn good in aydan’s metal bits. right?


i’m done!!!

there is very little in life that is more satisfying than finally being done with christmas shopping. seriously, it feels better than if i’d run a marathon… crammed sufficiently for a final exam… cleaned the house top to bottom… or even balanced my check book.

i'm done!

i feel elated right now. ..if you couldn’t tell.

my friends aren’t that hard to shop for, really. they have their favorite stores && items, they are not quiet about what they like or don’t like. they’ve even given me hints with “well, i’ll buy that next time i feel like shopping” or “oh, i’ve had my eye on that *forever*, just never got around to getting it”… and giftcards have been my saving grace this holiday season.

so has the arcade && arcade yardsales.. or, really, gachas in general. not only is it fun for me to try my hand at grabbing an item i think someone will love, but the fact that gacha prizes are usually fairly inexpensive means i can really pelt my friends with a whole bunch of gifts.

but i’m done! 100% done! completely, thoroughly, definitely done!! i have gifts ready ‘n’ waiting for my friends && my new family members (more on that in a future post, methinks!) and i could not be happier. now it’s just a *giddy* countdown to the big day when i can smother them all in materialistic love! woohoo! \o/

feeling cute

do you ever have days where you just feel cute?

feeling cute

i mean, don’t get me wrong… my “style” in second life is forever changing. i like dressing casual in jeans + sweaters, i like being sexy in short skirts and teeny tops and impossibly high heels (and no underwear, omgah!), i like wearing really elaborate high-fashion stuff… wearing grungy, punky stuff… wearing leather and studs and grommets and zippers and latex… but there are times when i just wanna be ~*kawaii*~, y’know?

teal and pink is one of my favorite color combos. in fact, most of my bedroom is in shades of teal and pink (with cream, yellow and white accents), so i felt *especially* cute while lounging around on my bed.

who knows… tomorrow i could be wearing purple skin, a thousand piercings, thigh high boots and a corset, but for today i’m cute && i’m likin’ it~

girl’s night

i realize that this is supposed to be mostly a second life blog… hell, i even *made* it that way. but sometimes i like to talk about my rl every once in a while && today is just one of those days!

girl's night

by now, if you’ve followed my blog for any length of time, you should know that my two best friends — both in world and in “real life” — are vivienne && pumms. i’ve known them for years and years and yeeeeeeeeeears, they’ve been my very close friends for basically as long as i can remember. i adore them completely, they are more like family to me than anything else. and i *love* spending time with them.

however, in the last few years, the time i get to spend with them is mostly digital. between family obligations, work schedules, responsibilities && general busy-ness, we don’t get together irl as much as we used to. i text them, email them, talk on skype or on the phone with them, hang out in world, play games with them… but it’s just not the same as being able to see them smile in person, you know?

but! we make exceptions in our busy lives for special occasions… and tonight, we’re celebrating our own christmas together. i could not be more excited!! we’re baking holiday cookies, having dinner && drinks, exchanging gifts and just hanging out.. and it’s going to be the highlight of my week. i cannot wait!

if you thought the ridiculousness we get up to in-world was bad, you haven’t *seen* us when we’re together irl. but i’ll save you the silly details on all that. 😉

all you need

sometimes, all a girl needs is a gorgeous new hairstyle..

all you need

and not much else.

snow day

with everything all winterized and christmasy inworld lately, my two besties (vivi && pumms) and i decided to do a fun, bundled up kinda photoshoot..

snow day

..complete with this pose prop from w. winx that i grabbed @ the last round of my attic. the scene is so soft and pretty, with snow and trees and even cute li’l cardinals dotting the set. we all donned our best winter attire, wore boots and warm leggings, and posed all cute ‘n’ stuffs in the prop.

only, once we were done, we were so in the winter mood.. that we felt like finding a snowy sim to run around on for some extra fun! you know, delight in all things *snow day* — maybe go sledding or skiing, sleigh rides, snow angels.. that kind of stuff!