i really love the arcade. i mean, i know i’ve mentioned it before… but i really really love the arcade.

it’s seriously full of so much stuff that i didn’t know i couldn’t slive without before. snowglobes, advent calendars, chipmunk avatars, fur-trimmed coats, ice skates, chia pets(!!), and hair… oh, the hair. i about *died* over the clawtooth && exile gatcha machines this round and plugged so much money in trying to get the light blonde colors in each.

but the thing i probably like best is something that i personally didn’t buy.


bff vivi actually bought the igloo and i fell in love with it. not only can you sit on it, but you can sleep in it, and it’s just adorable. it’s even better when you can snuggle up with someone special and can ignore your cold buns because every other part of you is so warm……


anyway! the igloo is awesome and so is the rest of my haul from my first go ’round… because yes, i will be back!

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