snow day

with everything all winterized and christmasy inworld lately, my two besties (vivi && pumms) and i decided to do a fun, bundled up kinda photoshoot..

snow day

..complete with this pose prop from w. winx that i grabbed @ the last round of my attic. the scene is so soft and pretty, with snow and trees and even cute li’l cardinals dotting the set. we all donned our best winter attire, wore boots and warm leggings, and posed all cute ‘n’ stuffs in the prop.

only, once we were done, we were so in the winter mood.. that we felt like finding a snowy sim to run around on for some extra fun! you know, delight in all things *snow day* — maybe go sledding or skiing, sleigh rides, snow angels.. that kind of stuff!

snow day

well, we found a really well-done winter themed sim and immediately, pumms suggested a playful snowball fight. vivi && i were up for the challenge and eagerly accepted… and things started off nice enough. we were laughing and having a grand ole time, pelting each other gently with snowballs, until…

snow day two best friends got it in their heads to gang up on me. 😐

now, i’m usually a good sport about these things. when you’re around vivi and/or pumms for any length of time, you *know* some shenanigans are going to take place. i knew it was only a matter of time before someone turned on someone else && things would get a li’l crazy, so i wasn’t surprised at all when they both turned to me… grinned nice and evil-like… and started throwing snowballs at me like machine guns.

but they wouldn’t stop! no matter how much i laughed…. and then subsequently cried… they just didn’t stop! i was covered head-to-toe in snowballs and bits of ice, it was in my hair and in my mouth and up my sleeves and down my boots… and still, they wouldn’t stop!

so i made a break for it..

..and luckily, i found these snow forts that were *perfect* for hiding behind. i ducked down, i covered my head, and i screamed uncle!! uncle, you assholes!.. you know… in a loving way *cough*… and they stood on the opposite side, still sending snowballs flying my way!

once they realized it was much harder to hit me in the face while i was hiding behind an ice-brick wall, they called a truce. well, so i thought. vivi suggested we might have some fun riding sleds down the hills around us and while i was skeptical at first, i thought what the hey… and agreed.

we trudged up the biggest mountain and pumms ‘n’ i hopped on the small, rickety sled i had… and vivi….

went insane!

she pushed us *so hard* over the edge that we went flying down the mountain at what felt like 100mph! and to make it even worse, vivi came running down the hill behind us, still pelting snowballs and screaming what i can only describe as some sort of war cry. it was wordless && high pitched, kind of like xena the warrior princess and was absolutely terrifying. there were snowballs flying over my shoulders and pumms was screaming and the entire world was zooming past me in a blur as we were sailing down that hill on the sled…

snow day

…and then, vivi started to slip. you see, super cute knee-high boots with thick, chunky heels look *fantastic* for photoshoots. but running down the side of a steep hill, screaming and throwing snowballs, is probably not the best to do in said super cute high heeled boots. vivi started to fall mid-throw and began slipping towards us, while our sled was still zooming down the hill, and the bump from vivi sent pumms && i airborne.

i could see the entire landscape in front of me start to tilt as we descended… the trees were sideways, snow was falling in the wrong direction, and we tumbled…. rolled…. went heels-over-head until pumms && i landed face down in the snow and our sled went flying over us, landing in a tree nearby.

snow day

i sat there, buried to my waist in the snow, and felt the wind brush past my bits as my legs flailed helplessly around in the air. not only are high heeled boots not good to wear in the snow, but apparently ridiculously short skirts are just as bad. i was frozen to the bone, humiliated beyond belief, sore and probably broken in half, but the worst part…

…was when i heard a still half-crazed vivienne squeal out I WIN!! at the top of her lungs, before even attempting to dig pumms or i out of the snow drift.

please, remind me never to go have a snow day with these two fools ever again!!

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  1. I hate it when the air rushes over my bits…


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