i’m done!!!

there is very little in life that is more satisfying than finally being done with christmas shopping. seriously, it feels better than if i’d run a marathon… crammed sufficiently for a final exam… cleaned the house top to bottom… or even balanced my check book.

i'm done!

i feel elated right now. ..if you couldn’t tell.

my friends aren’t that hard to shop for, really. they have their favorite stores && items, they are not quiet about what they like or don’t like. they’ve even given me hints with “well, i’ll buy that next time i feel like shopping” or “oh, i’ve had my eye on that *forever*, just never got around to getting it”… and giftcards have been my saving grace this holiday season.

so has the arcade && arcade yardsales.. or, really, gachas in general. not only is it fun for me to try my hand at grabbing an item i think someone will love, but the fact that gacha prizes are usually fairly inexpensive means i can really pelt my friends with a whole bunch of gifts.

but i’m done! 100% done! completely, thoroughly, definitely done!! i have gifts ready ‘n’ waiting for my friends && my new family members (more on that in a future post, methinks!) and i could not be happier. now it’s just a *giddy* countdown to the big day when i can smother them all in materialistic love! woohoo! \o/

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