i have a lot of vices in second life. my inventory numbers can attest to just how many vices i have. but i think my favorite *guilty pleasure* has to be new, pretty piercings…

i have always… always always raved about haus of darcy. from the moment i discovered the store way back when, i was completely hooked. and there is very little else that i get more excited about than new releases from hod, so much so that i’m honestly surprised at myself that i haven’t had a *squee* moment here until now over the new mesh collection.

the newest piercings from hod are flaw free. they are amazing. so easy to fit, such awesome metallic colors, really unique designs… i’ve snagged my own personal favorites from the collection, but i keep finding *new* favorites every time i go to look at them all. i want exactly one of everything, and it’s because every piece is different than the last.

i don’t wear any other brand’s piercings (and the few times i have, i’ve actually felt *guilty* for it because of how much i adore hod) and i don’t feel like myself without them on. i can even forgo the blonde hair, the blue eyes, or the ridiculous tattoos, but i quite literally have a hard time not wearing aydan darcy’s piercings. vixxie just isn’t vixxie without hod on her face (or, y’know, in other places too, ehe!), so believe me when i say that my love for all things hod is not just simple blogger fanfare.

plus, new piercings always give me an opportunity to be completely vain… because i feel compelled to take a new picture with each release. old fashion-blog-habits are hard to break, i suppose, but i can’t help that i look damn good in aydan’s metal bits. right?


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