christmas came early

ah, christmas. while it’s not my favorite holiday (that spot is *def* taken by halloween!), i do still love christmas. there’s a special feeling that christmas gives you… a generous, selfless kind of feeling. the kind of feeling that makes you go out of your way to make your friends && family feel loved. you do *special* things… unexpected things… just to try and make someone’s day merry ‘n’ bright~

and it just so happens that two special guys in my life decided to give me a christmas present a few days early..

man oh man. do i have the *best* friends or what?!

i was hanging around with these two fellows — braden (on the left) && allarik (on the right, upside down and in the glasses) — who i am sure i’ve mentioned here before. braden is bff vivi‘s hubby (yes, folks, this hubby, who married vivi *without me*..) and allarik is… um. well. allarik is mine, let’s just say that. 😉

so anyway! i was hanging around with them, discussing christmas presents and who was giving what… when braden started hinting that he was unsure of what to give me. says i am hard to shop for. and being the helpful gal i am, i start rattling off a few things i’d *probably* like, one of which was as simple as braden && allarik posing for a few pictures for me.

one thing leads to another and, while i did indeed help in suggesting rather expensive gifting options, both boys decide that the easiest way out of thinking what i would or would not like is just to acquiesce to my photoshoot request. i was even kind enough to *help* them in suggestions for attire! and the boys start posing for me.

these pictures are arguably the best gift a girl could get. i mean just *look* at them. look at all of them, ’cause there’s a whole lot to see. not only were they really good sports about standing around in their.. um… *holiday best*… but they were also pretty good about hopping on and off poseballs, and posing in any way, shape or form i wanted. including this *super secret* outtake that i didn’t edit, which got surprisingly little protest from the guys.

while this doesn’t count for allarik’s gift, as he says he has my present already, and was only technically *from braden*, i’m still really pleased. really, really pleased. really, really, really pleased. i’m not sure the guys expected me to edit, upload && blog these pics (surprise!), but i am definitely going to plop these photos in a frame in my bedroom. y’know, just for posterior’s posterity’s sake. because these pictures make a very merry christmas to me… and probably to anyone else who happens to read my blog.

you’re welcome, by the way, for the eye candy. ♥

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