stuck? STUCK!?

merry christmas eve, everyone!

amidst all the merriment, i have to make time to watch one of my favorite movies ever. on repeat. for the next *twenty-four hours*.

not only is a christmas story probably the *best* holiday movie ever made, but it’s also in my top five favorite movies of all time. i can quote the movie off by heart, i own it on DVD, i want a leg lamp in my rl *so* freakin’ badly… even my dog is named after this movie (his name is ralphie! say hi, ralphie!). i could easily watch it for the entirety of the annual marathon, and it most likely will indeed be on in the background during all of my holiday festivities.

so naturally, i had to pay homage to it in second life, too. ;P

i’m sure i’ll throw together a post tomorrow for the big day, but if not.. i hope everyone has a nice holiday! ♥

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