new pose packs

somehow with all the holiday craziness, i managed to make *three* new pose sets!

yay me!

these sets are cutesy && girly, a bit flirty, and all around sexy.. both in standing positions and in sitting or laying poses, too. so of course, i had to ask *my girls* to help me with the ads!

the first set, called totes magotes, was wholly inspired by one of my besties, vivienne. well, to be truthful, all three pose sets were inspired by vivi… but this one was especially. and she models these poses wonderfully~ ♥

the second set, called hottie mchotterson, is comprised of all sitting, laying or lounging poses! the first time i’ve really tried making sitting *single* poses && i’m really proud of how these turned out! and of course, this set is modeled by the hottest hottie that ever hottied, my other bestie pumms.. who looks smokin’ in her lavender lingerie, i must say.

also!! this set comes with six poseballs, one for each of the poses, with a show/hide script built in to help you better position yourself no matter where you’d like to sexily lay! i personally found this extremely helpful when trying out these poses on furniture.. makes it suuuuuper easy to pose yourself just right~

and the last set, called cray cray adorbs, was modeled by yours truly… because i *am* cray cray adorbs. this set has a more uber cute feel to it, and includes seven standing poses that’ll make everyone go “d’awwwwww~”, i guarantee it! ;p

as always, each of these pose sets can be found on my marketplace store (sort Age: Newest to see these three sets!).. i hope you like them! ♥

and as for the pose names… well..

..i’m not sure where i’m got them, to be honest.

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