big things

so i’ve had a few big things happen to me in the last several days or so, that i haven’t yet blogged about… and i thought maybe now might be a good time to do so!

after all, this blog is vixxie’s virtual life && these things have a pretty decent impact on my virtual life, so let’s get to dishin’!




so, um, a bit of backstory on this one! ehe~

allarik and i have been one of those couples… you know, the kind of couple that’s together but isn’t *really* together? the kind where outsiders are never quite sure if we’re dating or not. we’ve had this off again, on again sort of relationship that’s been, not gonna lie, rather confusing for me.. but in the last several months, he and i have become … closer together, i suppose, would be a good phrase for it. he’s been there for me through a *lot* of crap, he’s been my friend through other partners and failed attempts at relationships, and has been an ever-faithful sidekick through all of it. and despite all my issues, quirkiness, and general chicken with its head cut off kind of reaction to all things relationship-related, he’s stuck around. and i love him for that. ♥

we were standing around on arguably the *ugliest* sky platform known to man, that i’d hastily decorated with a random christmas texture i had in my inventory, to exchange presents. vivi was there, so was pumms, and of course.. braden was there too, as he’s obliviously photo-bombing my pic up there. but we were all giving each other gifts when suddenly, allarik rezzes a couple poseballs and asks me to hop on…. and my jaw drops right to the floor. he passes me a ring, says some really sweet && heartwarming things (while i am still sitting here, like O:, mind you), and asks me if we can actually make things official. make it *more* than official. he asks if i’d be his, and if he could be mine.

so what did i say?

well, you have two guesses… you’ve got a 50/50 chance on picking the right answer…

..of course i said yes! what an awful post this would be if i planned on blogging it && i’d said no! ;P

i have plans for some things, so i promise i’ll show off my ring here soon, but just know that it’s *huge* (allarik did well in this) and it’s beautiful, and every time i look at it on my hand… i get this urge to just giggle insanely out of happiness. and yes, you’re all invited to the wedding whenever that happens!

so! that’s 1 of 2 big things! the other…

…is this!

now i know it’s not exactly the most obvious picture. you’re probably wondering vixxie, wtf am i looking at, exactly?.. but that’s the whole point! it’s a teaser! am i doing this right?

other than my unabashed vanity by naming my *store* after myself, then going out of my way to make sure you know that (.vix) is by vixxie… i mean, i’m sure the image is telling enough that you can figure it out if you think. you’re a smart lot, my lovely blog readers, after all! 😉

but i am SO excited! i don’t even know which *big thing* i’m more excited over! i’ve got a lot of things to plan, a lot of things to finish, a lot of work ahead of me… and yet, i’m probably the happiest in my sl right now than i’ve ever been. ♥ it’s definitely been a good few days!

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