what happens on new year’s eve…

amidst the hangovers, the resolutions and the parades… i thought, today, that i might regale you all in a tale of my celebrations from last night.

wanting to really go all out, i decided to rent out a nice cabin for the holiday… sure, i love my home (really *really* love my home), and it’s still decorated to the nines for the christmas season, but i felt like it might be nice to party in someone else’s place. and this cabin was perfect.

remote, tucked away within a quiet forest, with surrounding snow-capped mountains.. and furnished beautifully, complete with a fabulous grand piano && a gorgeous christmas tree.

of course, i gathered my girls (if you need reminding — there’s vivienne in the dark hair and pumms, who is the red head) and amongst the three of us, we decided to have ourselves a good ole new year’s girls-only night. just us, the pretty atmosphere, a metric ton of sequins and *several* bottles of champagne!

it didn’t take long for us to break into the bubbly && we were well on our way to that usual new year’s eve kind of feeling. but while vivi and i decided to take it slow, opening a single bottle between the two of us and only sipping our first drinks, pumms on the other hand really uh… really threw caution to the wind, shall we say. and by the time vivi && i were finishing our first glasses, pumms was already mumbling to herself about how she’d finished her own first bottle.

this should have been a red flag, you see. but it’s new years! it’s time to let loose and party and feel good and have a great time. what’s the harm in getting a li’l wasted? right?

we all came inside once the air started to get far too chilly for us and we all huddled up by the piano. apparently, pumms can tickle the ivories quite well && played us a few (dozen) rounds of auld lang syne… and vivi and i humored her, sang along, and worked further on our first bottle of champagne.

however, the longer pumms played… the more *messy* the melody became… and before we knew it, she was grabbing us off the sofa and dragging us over to refill our glasses.

“you’re looking a little dry!” she said. over and over and over. after *one sip* of our drinks, pumms was topping off our flutes… as well as topping off her own in the process. it worried me, just a bit, to see our expensive champagne go so quickly, but pumms looked like she was having so much fun that i didn’t have the heart to tell her to slow down. she had her shoes kicked off, her hair kind of mussed, and had that certain flush about her that told me she was just enjoying the evening. so again, i let it slide..

at about 10:30pm or so, we were making our way well through the bottles… and no matter how many corks flew off, there never seemed to be a shortage of bottles cooling on ice, just waiting to be opened. and pumms just kept pouring!

neither i, nor vivi, are light-weights when it comes to the booze. we can definitely hold our own. but things started to get a tad blurry and i paid less && less attention to how many glasses my friends were having. and then vivienne was sitting on the couch, giggling with herself and smiling into the distance, while pumms kept playing bartender and pouring the bubbly like it was water.. and before the 11 o’clock hour struck, pumms was already topless and laughing loudly, all the while ignoring my replies that my glass was just fine and i didn’t need *another* pour.

well, one bottle turned to two… and two turned into four… four into eleventy billion… and right when the clock was striking midnight && the new year was rolling in, i think it’s safe to say that the three of us were sloshed. vivi && i had that drunken squint about us, you know the one, and pumms… she was *really* feeling it.

she decided to ring in the new year by running outside in the snow, screaming about how the cold air on her silken skin made her feel alive! and kept calling us to join her out there…

“it feels great out here! come on, you guys!”

“cooome ooooonnnn, you guys!!”



by this point, my drunken self had *enough*… and i promptly stumbled my way outside in the snow, took pumms’ half-empty bottles of champagne away, and dragged her ass inside. her “silken skin” was turning blue from the cold and she was so out of it. her hair was *everywhere*, her lipstick was smeared all across her face, she was laughing and flailing all over and… pretty much, she was the epitome of white girl wasted. i could barely get her inside the door (my own white girl wasted-ness was not helping in this matter at all) and when pumms took a tumble and landed on the floor, right in front of the tree, that is where i left her…

i at least, in my hazed state of mind, had the foresight to draw a dick on her face with eyeliner while she was passed out and took a picture of it, because herein lies the moral of my story…

don’t get so super drunk in front of me that you can barely stand up straight, because you *will* find yourself in the morning with a dick drawn on your cheek… and pictures of it to prove it. 🙂

so! i hope everyone else had an awesome new year && celebrated ’til you could celebrate no more (within reason)! i wish everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous new year and cannot wait to get 2014 started myself. things are looking awesome so far and the year has just barely started… i’m so excited to see what else 2014 has in store for me! ♥

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