shoe obsessed

i think it’s safe to say that i’m pretty shoe obsessed in second life. irl not so much (probably because i *cannot* walk in heels!), but in sl… i have shoes for absolutely every occasion. i could probably wear a different pair every day for months && months and never wear the same pair twice.

but sometimes, a certain special pair catches my eye… and they end up stuck to my virtual feet as if they’d been superglued there.

these super high, super platformed, super shiny ‘n’ sexy heels from the sugar garden have been my absolute *favorite* lately.. and i hope you can see why. i’ve grabbed ’em in two colors — this delicious dark red and a bright baby pink, too — and have been using every excuse to wear ’em around just to feel like a glamazon in them.

i don’t really need an excuse to buy another pair, but i’m trying *so* hard to reign in the desire. the black pair are perfection… i do love a good white heel.. i’ve even found myself eyeballing the lime green pair because oh em gee, i am in love with these heels. but my two current colors are enough, i think.’ll know when i’ve caved && bought more when you see me wearing ’em here on my blog, though. ;p

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  1. Bouncer CrissBouncer

     /  January 5, 2014

    Where are the leg and body tats from?


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