little bit of cosplay

i know i’m not the only one, but i am *definitely* not immune to gacha insanity. i love them just as much as the next sl resident.. and it doesn’t matter which event it is, i will most likely find something in a gacha machine to go crazy for.

so when bff vivi && i saw some sailor scout inspired lingerie sets from tsg at an event called omgacha, we knew we had to collect them *all*. no ifs ands or buts about it — we had to have every. single. set.

we are both HUGE fans of sailor moon.. it reminds us so much of our childhood. the english, dubbed version of sailor moon came on every day on cartoon network after school and i rarely missed an airing. i was always fondest of sailor mercury && sailor jupiter, but there’s a sort of *nostalgic love* for all the inner and outer senshi. i’ve seen just about every episode, the movies, have read some of the manga — i think *obsessed* is even putting it lightly. so seeing these sets, with their butt bows and adorable sailor collars.. i think i went completely out of my mind with wanting all of them.

so, naturally, vivienne and i plugged our lindens into the machine until we did, in fact, get every last pair.. and that inspired a cosplay photoshoot that is just too awesome not to share!

moooooooon priiismmmmmmmm POWEEEEEEERR~!!!

i think as far as accuracy goes, we took a few creative liberties… but all in all, they turned out pretty good! i think my favorite of the set is most definitely vivi && i as jupiter and mercury (and not just ’cause those were my own personal favorite scouts!), because vivienne looks *amazing* as mercury and it’s like a sailor scout selfie with the angle and all. xD

buuuuttttt~ if you, too, have gacha fever and are lookin’ for some extras, i’ve set up a little “yard sale” table @ the (.vix) mainstore…

most of the items are set at machine price, but there’s a few inexpensive rares in the bunch, too! a few from the arcade, a few from the chapter four, and a few from omgacha.. including several sets of senshi lingerie! come check ’em out && dress up as sailor scouts like we did! \o/

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