this is normal

often when i am hanging out with just pumms, it seems like we get into the dumbest things…

like this? this is normal for us.

while browsing the marketplace, which i seem to do quite a lot of, i found a few *freebie* hair listings.. and after showing it to pumms, the conversation pretty much went like this:

Pumms: omg!
Vixxie: right?! i think you should buy it…

thankfully, there was a second equally-as-awesome freebie hair from the same place && i was all over it like white on rice. which then turned into us trying on various colors of these hairstyles and playing crazy gestures in pumms’ bedroom, just to watch the hair go.

you should really click the image above to see it larger, because the small size just does not do it justice.

i cannot even tell you how much time we spent dancing around in these *insane* hairstyles. but it was amusing and is but a sample of the stupid things she && i get up to inworld when left to our own devices.

plus it left this song stuck in my head for hours && hours afterwards..

……don’t ask. ;p

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