for the first time, like, ever… i actually remembered my rezday this year!

i’m this many! ..that’d be six, btw.

and i have some amusing info && pictures to share…

long post ahead, fair warning! and get ready to cringe~

so! first things first, a li’l story. a story about one of the earliest things i remember about the start of my second life.

now, to give you an idea of what i looked like when i first rezzed inworld… this is the avatar i remember picking:

this image was taken during sl10b last summer, but that right avatar there is what i remember picking when i signed up. sadly, vixxie did not start her second life as a blonde like i’d have you believe… she’s been bleaching her hair all this time. ;p

anyway! my choice in name actually came from the now-infamous episode of csi: new york all about second life. that’s how i learned about sl, too, oddly enough. i caught the episode as a rerun and while watching it, was rather intrigued about an online virtual world. so when i fired up my computer after the episode ended, i was really surprised to find that second life was an actual *thing*, not just a made up program for the episode, and i immediately signed up.

one of the avatars in the episode was named vixxie platinum && i thought that was such a catchy name that i appropriated it for myself. i was saddened to see that “platinum” was not available as a surname, so i picked one that started with a V that had a nice *ring* to it with my first name… and thus, vixxie vultee was born.

edit: actually, i’ve remembered it wrong all this time! it’s a law & order: svu episode that i’d seen “vixy platinum” in! thanks, aydan, for correcting me! xD ♥♥

now onto my story…

after i first rezzed inworld, i was completely amazed by second life. bewildered by it, too, because i had zero clue what i was doing. but i was mostly amazed… to me, at the time, it felt like a first-person version of the sims (a game franchise that still, to this day, is one of my favorites!) and i was almost instantly immersed.

i spent a ton of time trying to figure things out.. and eventually started making my way across the grid. i can remember dropping into gurl6, a HUGE hairstore at the time, and being overwhelmed by choice. the rooms felt *sky high* and there were so many pictures to look at.. and my poor underpowered computer && dial up internet were straining under the load, but i was enthralled just by looking at it all.

i actually bought lindens right away && the first purchase i made inworld was hair at that gurl6 store… a pack of long, choppy blonde hair with different colored tips. i was interested in only one color out of the pack — the black dip dyed blonde version — and it took me ages to figure out how to actually wear it. but once i had it on, vixxie felt more like vixxie already, and i was content with the starter avatar for the time being to go off and do some more exploring.

i ended up somewhere that apparently had a lot of other newbies hanging around, and i can remember sitting on a bench and just watching people chat. and then, out of the blue, i heard that first ding ding of a new IM. it was a gentleman… a rather *flirtatious* gentleman… who kept complimenting me on my avatar (hah!) and asking me if i’d like to hang around with him for a bit. so i accepted.

he immediately started TPing me around to the best freebie warehouses he knew and i was in heaven! i was buying up everything in sight… jeans, shirts, skins, shoes, dresses… i even bought a car without any idea how to use it or what it did. but i was so excited at the prospect of customizing my avatar that i scoured every inch of every place he took me to, much to his chagrin. i can remember him asking, over && over, if i was done yet… and my answer always was “but there’s so much here to buy!!”.. i was a fashionista from the start, of course. 😉

eventually, once my inventory was bursting with some really … amazing … freebies, and i was content with my virtual closet && itching to try it all on, the guy TPed me to what he called his house. i remember it being huuuuuge and filled with so many other people, which should’ve tipped me off that maybe this was not his own personal home, but he led me into a bedroom where i could try my stuff on in peace and for that, i was thankful.

i must’ve spent at least an hour or more, trying on clothes, changing my shape, asking this guy how do i get my hair back on again?! and having a *blast*. i can kind of remember the first shape i created right then && there, though i sadly don’t have it anymore. it was tall (like max height kind of tall) and sorta shaped the way my current shape is — big butt, round hips, small boobs. and i can remember the first outfit i had on too, vaguely… jeans, some sort of heels (probably those awful ones we all remember from way back when, or even worse.. system heels, ugh!), a tank top && my new blonde ‘n’ black hair. i felt fabulous! you could not *tell* me i wasn’t fabulous!

and of course, my gentleman friend had nothing but good things to say. compliments about my new shape, compliments on my butt in my jeans, compliments on my eyes and hair and whatever else. very complimentary. and he asks if he could “show me off” around somewhere, like i was the best looking avatar on the grid at the moment. well of course i was so flattered i said sure! let’s go!

he TPed me to a place that looked like a town square, with stores or homes surrounding a large stone street intersection. and there were lots of people around, mostly ladies but a few men as well, and that’s when my new generous, flirtatious, compliment-filled friend dropped a bomb on me… pay him back for all the time he *wasted* on me, he wanted me to become an escort and work for him. he started rambling off that i had to not only talk dirty to some stranger, but i had to convince them to pay me for it, and that i owed him 75% of whatever money i made.

i was so shocked, i just logged out! and i didn’t log back in for a several months. x)

when i did come back, i unfriended that horrible man, deleted all the freebies i’d gotten while with him.. and started vixxie fresh all over again!

and now, for more of a blast from the past, i’ve made a collage of my avatar evolution.. or at least, as best i can!

^ click to see it bigger! ^

i’ve seen these done by lots of people over the years && i’ve never done one for myself… simply because i don’t have any pictures from my *olden days* on sl. the oldest one i have up there is an old profile picture that i’ve re-uploaded to sl several times over the years, because it’s been deleted out of shame more times than i can count. xD so i’m not even sure when that oldest picture is from because the date on it is from one of it’s various re-uploads, but my best guess is late 2009… i have no idea if that’s accurate, though!

scouring through old flickr pics was a real trip down memory lane.. i suppose having a fashion blog is just about as good as it gets when it comes to having an avatar timeline. i seriously cringed at some of the looks i put together, and at how awful some of my old old ooooold pictures look… but you can really see how far i’ve come in terms of photo taking and photo editing. i mean, having a computer that’s slightly better than the *toaster* i had back in 2009-2011 certainly helps, too.

so that’s my story, how i came to second life and how i began this avatar and how i even got my name… it feels like so long ago, and i guess 2008 *was* a long time ago. but i’m so happy in my second life right now that all those bad looks, bad pics and bad experiences with creepy men have been worth it in the end. otherwise, i probably wouldn’t be here now, blogging all about it!

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  1. LMAO.. think of how all of vixxies life could of been so much different had you accepted his request! Happy Rez day girl…

    • thanks, pumms! ♥ i probably would’ve made a lot of money had i actually gone along with him.. i dunno, it’s never too late to try. ;p


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