meet victor

i decided not too long ago to make myself a new account in sl. no no, i’m not jumping ship or switching main accounts or anything like that, but just another account to dress up, basically. some new pixels, some *manly* pixels to play around with when the mood strikes me.

’cause it’s not like i don’t already do enough shopping on my own, i totally need a secondary account to go on shopping sprees with…….

/me coughs

anyway, meet victor!

on my rezday, i decided to finalize his *look* and… to be honest… he turned out a li’l different than i initially intended. when i began, mr. victor was going to be a “typical guy” that i’d dress in suits and … i dunno, jeans (like i don’t already own enough pairs of jeans on my main account, no… i need another account for more jeans), but you see.. i’ve been watching quite a lot of eddie izzard’s standup comedy lately and..

..well, i think you can see where things went.

victor isn’t exactly a *cosplay* account now, i don’t think. but i do like where my inspiration took me. i have ideas, lots && lots of ideas, for my new alt.. which includes a lot of glitter, more high heels, fantastical beards and really big hair. and i’m sure various pictures of victor will end up here on my blog, because while i have my own ~* style *~ on my main, it’s a lot of fun to actually go outside that, too.

plus what’s not to love about a man in lip gloss, amirite?

oh! and his name, if you’re curious, is victor vultee (yes, sadly, with the “resident” last name, sigh!) and i thought it was a cute play on my main inworld name. so if you see him wandering around the grid, it’s just me trying to feel extra fabulous, that’s all!

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