cutie booty

i was pretty slow to give into the mesh body-part craze. i mean, feet.. yeah, sure, i bought those pretty fast. the default avatar feet are awful && i’d been wearing franeknfeet for a long time, so when the avatar enhancement feet from slink hit the grid, i was on them *super* quick. but the hands.. boobs.. and the azz, for some reason i was slow to jump on the bandwagon.

but the other day, the cute azz from luck inc was released… which is pretty much like the phat azz‘s li’l sister.. and i knew i had to have it.

my ass is faaaaaaaabulous. not that it wasn’t pretty fabulous before, but now? it’s *extra* fabulous. i can’t stop staring at it && i am not sorry at all.

the phat azz did not suit my shape in the slightest. no matter how many sliders i played with, i just could not make it look proportionate. there are some out there that could rock it without flaw, but i wasn’t one of them.

howeverrrrr~ the cute azz is definitely more my size. my shape has always been… erm… rather round, with smooth hips and a decently large booty. but it’s always bugged me just how *round* it’s looked and i’ve been unsure how to fix it without really changing my shape a lot. i tried altering my shape last summer && it worked to an extent, but i still had really round hips and booty. not that it’s a bad thing, mind you, but i’ve always wanted a slightly different shape down there..

and the cute azz definitely gives me that shape i’ve been wanting!

not only that, but the legs are so smooth… the thighs and calves are lovely.

the only thing that kind of bugs me is… well. i mean. in these pics, my boobs are replacement mesh… my hands and feet are replacement mesh… my hair is mesh, my ears are mesh, my legs and thighs and butt are replacement mesh. there’s not much left of my *actual avatar* other than arms and chest. it makes me wish that the avatar mesh itself was better, so i wouldn’t be so tempted to replace every little bit of it with extra body parts, but meh. i suppose that’s the price we have to pay!

i still really am in love with my ass (yeah, i said it) and am super happy with my purchase.. so much so that i just want to watch myself pop it all day long.

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  1. Ah that looks really nice *pinches bottom*

  2. barbi

     /  March 8, 2014

    where from the tatoos? thanks you! 🙂 Great post!


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