hot, hot pink (and also, i have too many windlights)

guess who is still loving her cute ass?

hot hot pink

/me slowly raises her hand….

it’s not like i never had an excuse before to prance around in my panties, but now it almost feels like a disservice to the second life community if i cover my booty up too much. it’s just too good && i’m still pretty much enamored with it.

yes, enamored with my ass. hi, my name is vixxie, and i don’t deny my vanity at all~

but when i get in the mood to take (an attempt at) a fancy schmancy picture, one that i intend to edit ‘n’ go over every single inch with a tiny blur brush, it ends up more than just… put on an outfit && start snappin’ away. nono, it’s a whole *ordeal* which includes, but is not limited to: changing my outfit, editing my outfit, scrapping the outfit entirely and putting on something completely different, using every single pose i own or have made myself, editing said pose with the various HUDs i have (which can be as simple as pulling a hand out of my hip or repositioning an arm, to as extensive as *remaking* the pose by moving every inch of my body), and then…. after all *that* is done…. i get to the selection of an appropriate windlight.

i have too many windlights

click to see it larger!

and i have way too many windlight settings saved.

the collage above, all eight pictures, is not even a large sample size. i technically took nine pictures this time, if you include the one i took && edited. sometimes i’ll take a dozen or more before i find that one lighting i like the best. and picking just one to use can be a chore in and of itself.

i seem to… collect windlight settings. i have so many that i’ve downloaded or created myself. my favorites are by strawberry singh, juicybomb, and of course, torley linden, but i seem to have accumulated a whole lot more than just that from god knows where. and beyond that, i take and tweak and completely remake a lot of the basic windlights to fit my needs.. and have made more than my own fair share of windlight settings that i use from time to time. it is a wonder i am able to pick any at all from my huge, huge huge list.

do you have a favorite set of windlights? perhaps some you’ve made (and have shared somewhere — because, hello, of course i need more), or some you’ve come to love that were made by someone else? i kind of love how just the lighting alone can really change the tone of a photograph… the pics up there are all the same pose, all the same outfit (minus the one random picture where i left my heart face tattoo on when i didn’t mean to, aha!), but the ambiance really changes how you view it.

plus those darker lighted snapshots really take the emphasis off my butt, and while *you* may think that is a good thing, i dunno if i agree! emphasis should always be on my butt. always. xP

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