can’t stop texting

so there’s this cell phone set out @ the mens dept from le primitif that pretty much errybody in my sl circle of family && friends has picked up.

phone obsessed

and when i say errybody, i mean errybody.

all we’ve done the last few days is stand around and text. bibi and i laid out for a long time in our back yard, on the wooden deck around the new fire pit (which i wanna say is from a flf from lisp a week or two ago), and we were chatting… on our phones. i’m talking about laying not five feet from one another, talking through text messages.

and then a few hours later (where we both worked in a wig && costume change, too!), she ‘n’ i were hanging out with pollux, and again we were all chatting thru text while laying on the same damn sofa!!

and to top it off…

fashionable phone ad

…i may or may not have slyly sneaked this snapshot while bibi && her hubby were posing for some pics on my studio platform (she also took some more of the two of them, which you can see on her flickr if you’re curious!). they look so fantastically sexy in their suits, i must say, but they look like an iphone ad, right?!

nobody can put these phones down.. and it’s really amusing, at least to me. sl imitating rl, hm? but the next time somebody texts me instead of looking up from their phone to tell me something when we are in the same room together, i will beat them with senseless their phone, i *swear*!

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