love never felt so good

howdy ya’ll!

so i’ve been around, on sl. doin’ stuff, hangin’ out, y’know the drill. i just haven’t really felt much like blogging. i’m not dead, i swear it.. just kind of fell out of love with the whole bloggity thing.

..well, until now.

you see, somethin’ rather important happened the other day && i felt like a blog post commemorating it seemed appropriate~


allarik and i got married!

so when posted after christmas 2013 that allarik had proposed to me, i’m sure a lot of you guys were like oh riiiiiiiight, like that’s ever gonna happen. and with all the time that’s passed between now && then, i’m sure that assumption only got stronger.

but not every couple has to rush into things! and allarik && i were def not into rushing in. the timing just felt right and june 30 will forever be one of those days that makes me all warm and happy inside~


it was a quiet li’l ceremony, with only my best friends in attendance. it felt right that way.. and it was more fun than should be legal. we had an impromptu dance party at the venue, took tons of pictures, and i felt like the prettiest princess that ever prettied. it was more than i could’ve asked for and i’m thankful for awesome family ‘n’ friends that made it possible. ā™„ā™„


so i’m a married woman now! O: with ring and pompous hyphenated last name and all! it’s the first time in my entire sl history that i’ve ever had a display name (which reads vixxie vultee-ashland now, eeee!) and i really couldn’t think of a better reason to change my name. allarik makes me so very happy, makes me feel so very loved, and he’s one of the most genuine, caring, wonderful men i’ve ever had the privilege of knowing. being married to him just makes it all feel right.

’cause love never felt so good~~

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  1. Such a lovely day.. even tho I had a shotgun under my dress XD

  2. cuties avi i love this song oh littler michael ā¤

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