new/updated (.vix) nails!

howdy! it’s been a while, huh? in fact, it’s been since valentine’s day since i made some new stuff if you can believe it. but i’ve got a *ton* of new things to share, so let’s just jump right in!

eight new nail packs are available — six are updated older releases && two are brand spankin’ new! and all of them can be found on my marketplace store!

the two newest sets…

french glitter is a set that matches the previous (and newly updated!) french mani/pedi set.. except this time, there’s glittery tips, oooh~!

and the fruit basket set is something i’ve wanted to do for ages now! something fun ‘n’ summery, with lots of color and glitter too! apples, oranges, watermelon, strawberries.. all the fresh, delicious fruits you can handle~

as for these older sets, all of them have been updated with maitreya && omega compatibility, as well as still having slink appliers as well, with *new* textures!

a staple nail style is up next.. lovely, simple french manicures and pedicures.. which, as i said above, match the new french glitter set!

one of my most popular sets (that is a collab between me and my good girlfriend vivienne who is featured in the ad!) is mr. panda. cute pastel tips with adorable hand drawn panda face nail art!

to go along with mr. panda, is a set called spring pastels! these are the same color palette as mr. panda, just without the panda face. awesome for slink hand users to create accent nails with!

next up.. the nails i definitely wear the most, personally, are the updated blackened tips set. i always grab for these, they are by far my number one when it comes to something easy && something cute on my fingers ‘n’ toes (and, it features my girl pumms gorgeous face in the ad!).

and lastly, two sets that go hand in hand (har har). both the pastel creams && the pastel tips sets are in the same color palettes, and are great for mixin’ and matchin’. one is a solid nail color (pastel creams) and the other is tipped with a complimentary cream color (pastel tips)~

if you’re curious, come check ’em out! ♥♥