hi! i’m vixxie!


i’ve been blogging for several years now — since may 2010 on my fashion blog until i closed it in january 2013. and now i’m here, blogging about my everyday SL!

i love to write && i love taking snapshots inworld, so i’ve come to really enjoy blogging about my adventures in SL (no matter how boring said adventures actually are).

i’m also a learning pose-maker (among other things) and have a store, (.vix), on the marketplace. this is something new for me but i’ve really enjoyed the process of learning!

if you read my blog for any given amount of time, you’ll also probably get to know my bffs named vivienne tailleur (pictured above, with dark hair!) && pumms stanton (the red-head above!). they’re my sisters from another mister in both my RL as well as my SL and i love them dearly. a lot of my misadventures inworld start with something silly with these ladies!

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