what the kerfluffle?

with the current round of the arcade winding down to its last few days… i’ve been trying my hand at grabbing those last few things that we so *desperately* need. plugging machines, trading commons, snooping out rares, you know the drill.

however, after teleporting home after my last attempt, i swear at playing the machines, i came to realize something.

i think we may have an infestation of sheeps in our home.

so many sheep

it must have happened gradually… a kerfluffle sheep from half deer here, another kerfluffle sheep there, setting up a scene with them (like with the candy bar, those sheeps must have one hell of a sweet tooth!), looking for an empty spot that needed *something* cute…. aaaaand suddenly, our house is completely overrun with adorable li’l sheeps!!

so many sheep pt2

not that i’m complaining. because how can one *really* complain about so much cuteness? i’m just afraid i’ll log in one day and they’ll all be shuffled around, as if they’d moved on their own…

and then i’ll be afraid for my life.


grand opening

are you ready for some exciting news?! well, exciting for me… and i *hope* exciting for you, too!

my store build is *complete*. which means…

the (.vix) inworld mainstore is now OPEN!!

aaaaaaaand… i have a li’l gift to celebrate!

this slink HUD includes 5 french tip manicures, each with a black base && glitter… in a range of colors. and they all have fun, new-year-related color names, too!

to grab the gift, join my inworld group (simply copy this link & paste it in local chat inworld to join: secondlife:///app/group/999901e0-bcab-512f-9e07-8d62cf7e68f6/about or just visit my new mainstore and click the group poster in the front to get an invite!) and there’s an easel by the TP point for the gift! wear your tag, click the easel, and get you some new *freebie* nails!

i am so excited, you guys, you really have no idea! this has been so much work over the last several days (which has given me a whole *new* appreciation for other content creators on the grid && the work they put in to make us nice stuff!), but it’s been worth it. i’ve already enjoyed having an inworld presence and it’s not even been officially open until now!

so tp down, grab a gift, take a peek around and lemme know what you think! i may be hanging around there off ‘n’ on today too, so make sure you say hi if you see me~

big things

so i’ve had a few big things happen to me in the last several days or so, that i haven’t yet blogged about… and i thought maybe now might be a good time to do so!

after all, this blog is vixxie’s virtual life && these things have a pretty decent impact on my virtual life, so let’s get to dishin’!




so, um, a bit of backstory on this one! ehe~


house tour

soo.. since the last time i mentioned my home, my friends && i have changed houses….. again. but we just finished decorating it — including decorating it for the holidays! — so i figured i might show it off. especially since i never did do any interior shots from our last house!

holiday house tour

who is up for a nice house tour? 8D


new house!

it is amazing how much of a time sink it is to put up a new house..

new house

but i love it!

bff vivi && i spotted this house at the new round of c88 and we both fell in love. so even though i still really liked our previous house (from funky junk!), we bought this one instead and spent most of last night… and a good portion of today… decorating it and landscaping.

it is not *nearly* done, not by a long shot, because while the interior is mostly finished… the outside is not. but i love the way it looks and it’s kind of exciting having a new house to play around with! we don’t change buildings often, really.. in the time we’ve lived on our current land (a little less than a year, now), we’ve had three houses. and while i know that sounds like a pretty big deal, with the way i’ve seen certain people switch homes in && out, it’s not that bad… right? it’s not, is it?

either way, i really like the way this house is turning out ^_^ and once it’s done, i’ll be sure to spam lots of pics of it, wee!