love never felt so good

howdy ya’ll!

so i’ve been around, on sl. doin’ stuff, hangin’ out, y’know the drill. i just haven’t really felt much like blogging. i’m not dead, i swear it.. just kind of fell out of love with the whole bloggity thing.

..well, until now.

you see, somethin’ rather important happened the other day && i felt like a blog post commemorating it seemed appropriate~


allarik and i got married!



happy easter!

i’ve not had much luck with finding time to blog lately, but i made a point to have time today to celebrate a li’l with my two favorite girls inworld…

happy easter <3

and of course, a picture happened. ’cause that’s just how we roll!

i hope everyone that celebrates has a wonderful easter. ♥ eat lots of peeps ‘n’ chocolate bunnies and enjoy the springtime weather… because finally, in my neck of the rl woods, it’s starting to feel like it!

for now though, it’s time to go hunting eggs. i wonder where that silly bunny hid them this year…..

dance, dance

it’s been a while since i took part in the lovely strawberry singh‘s monday memes, but when i saw *this* particular challenge… oh i was soooo all over it!

the premise is dancing in second life && since making dance videos is a thing i quite enjoy (and have done quite a few over the years!), i figured i pretty much was obligated to take part.

so here’s my li’l contribution to the pool — a retro-flavored dance video with my girls vivi and pumms, set to a quirky song that is, admittedly, a bit of an inside joke between the three of us~

i’ve been wanting an excuse to do a video to this song… this was a great opportunity to rope my besties into it with me, too!

now, onto the rest of the meme…


tea party in the woods

heyyy everybody!

i’m not dead!


i have been super busy though, and a little burnt out on second life… so i decided a bit of a break was in order. but it wasn’t anything serious && taking a break is definitely a good thing, ’cause it leaves you feeling… renewed all over again when you return. everything is fun and exciting once more! and of course, you feel completely out of the loop when it comes to the latest ‘n’ greatest on the grid, but thankfully i have friends and blogs to go to when i’m feeling lost~

and naturally, things just fall right back into place after you’re away… like, for me, taking random snapshots with my girls..

three pretty princesses

we’re pretty, pretty princesses. :3 who just happen to be having a tea party in the woods with all our little animal friends. how very disney, no?

however, it’s been a while since i last took some decent pictures, so please excuse me if i’m a bit rusty at first. ;p but it felt good to be posin’ && snapshottin’ away again, and it feels good to be “back”. however, i have a lot of work and a crap ton more of *shopping* to catch up on, so i should probably be getting to that…. ’til next time! ♥

this is normal

often when i am hanging out with just pumms, it seems like we get into the dumbest things…

like this? this is normal for us.


what happens on new year’s eve…

amidst the hangovers, the resolutions and the parades… i thought, today, that i might regale you all in a tale of my celebrations from last night.

wanting to really go all out, i decided to rent out a nice cabin for the holiday… sure, i love my home (really *really* love my home), and it’s still decorated to the nines for the christmas season, but i felt like it might be nice to party in someone else’s place. and this cabin was perfect.

remote, tucked away within a quiet forest, with surrounding snow-capped mountains.. and furnished beautifully, complete with a fabulous grand piano && a gorgeous christmas tree.


new pose packs

somehow with all the holiday craziness, i managed to make *three* new pose sets!

yay me!


girl’s night

i realize that this is supposed to be mostly a second life blog… hell, i even *made* it that way. but sometimes i like to talk about my rl every once in a while && today is just one of those days!

girl's night

by now, if you’ve followed my blog for any length of time, you should know that my two best friends — both in world and in “real life” — are vivienne && pumms. i’ve known them for years and years and yeeeeeeeeeears, they’ve been my very close friends for basically as long as i can remember. i adore them completely, they are more like family to me than anything else. and i *love* spending time with them.

however, in the last few years, the time i get to spend with them is mostly digital. between family obligations, work schedules, responsibilities && general busy-ness, we don’t get together irl as much as we used to. i text them, email them, talk on skype or on the phone with them, hang out in world, play games with them… but it’s just not the same as being able to see them smile in person, you know?

but! we make exceptions in our busy lives for special occasions… and tonight, we’re celebrating our own christmas together. i could not be more excited!! we’re baking holiday cookies, having dinner && drinks, exchanging gifts and just hanging out.. and it’s going to be the highlight of my week. i cannot wait!

if you thought the ridiculousness we get up to in-world was bad, you haven’t *seen* us when we’re together irl. but i’ll save you the silly details on all that. 😉

snow day

with everything all winterized and christmasy inworld lately, my two besties (vivi && pumms) and i decided to do a fun, bundled up kinda photoshoot..

snow day

..complete with this pose prop from w. winx that i grabbed @ the last round of my attic. the scene is so soft and pretty, with snow and trees and even cute li’l cardinals dotting the set. we all donned our best winter attire, wore boots and warm leggings, and posed all cute ‘n’ stuffs in the prop.

only, once we were done, we were so in the winter mood.. that we felt like finding a snowy sim to run around on for some extra fun! you know, delight in all things *snow day* — maybe go sledding or skiing, sleigh rides, snow angels.. that kind of stuff!



do you have any idea how hard it is to wrangle *certain people* together, all at once?


’cause i’m not sure you can correctly comprehend just how difficult it can be.

but for certain occasions, you do herd the family together… for a meal and for merriment and because it’s just nice to be together, despite how challenging they can sometimes make it. and i’m thankful for them, for them being here, and for them loving me just as much as i love them. …again, despite how challenging they can sometimes make it. ;p ♥

i hope everyone that’s celebrating today has a fantastic holiday, full of love and laughter and happiness and so many good noms, you need turkey rehab afterwards. i myself will be over here with the pumpkin pie + whipped cream, but i suppose if you ask nicely.. i’ll share a small piece.

happy thanksgiving!