new/updated (.vix) nails!

howdy! it’s been a while, huh? in fact, it’s been since valentine’s day since i made some new stuff if you can believe it. but i’ve got a *ton* of new things to share, so let’s just jump right in!

eight new nail packs are available — six are updated older releases && two are brand spankin’ new! and all of them can be found on my marketplace store!

the two newest sets…

french glitter is a set that matches the previous (and newly updated!) french mani/pedi set.. except this time, there’s glittery tips, oooh~!

and the fruit basket set is something i’ve wanted to do for ages now! something fun ‘n’ summery, with lots of color and glitter too! apples, oranges, watermelon, strawberries.. all the fresh, delicious fruits you can handle~

as for these older sets, all of them have been updated with maitreya && omega compatibility, as well as still having slink appliers as well, with *new* textures!

a staple nail style is up next.. lovely, simple french manicures and pedicures.. which, as i said above, match the new french glitter set!

one of my most popular sets (that is a collab between me and my good girlfriend vivienne who is featured in the ad!) is mr. panda. cute pastel tips with adorable hand drawn panda face nail art!

to go along with mr. panda, is a set called spring pastels! these are the same color palette as mr. panda, just without the panda face. awesome for slink hand users to create accent nails with!

next up.. the nails i definitely wear the most, personally, are the updated blackened tips set. i always grab for these, they are by far my number one when it comes to something easy && something cute on my fingers ‘n’ toes (and, it features my girl pumms gorgeous face in the ad!).

and lastly, two sets that go hand in hand (har har). both the pastel creams && the pastel tips sets are in the same color palettes, and are great for mixin’ and matchin’. one is a solid nail color (pastel creams) and the other is tipped with a complimentary cream color (pastel tips)~

if you’re curious, come check ’em out! ♥♥


new vix nails!

/me dusts off the cobwebs

hellooooooooo everybody!

since my new blog with my girls, current outfit, has taken over most of my bloggin’ time instead of here.. i’ve decided to convert *this* li’l slice of the interwebs into an update blog for my store, .vix!

and since you’re seein’ this, that means there’s new stuff to be had!

new (.vix) nails!

there’s *three* NEW nail sets out, as well as an updated older set — and all four include slink, maitreya & omega appliers! the older set, bright solids has been updated with new textures as well, which is awesomely exciting (to me at least, shh).

if you’d like to check ’em out, then you can find them on my marketplace store.

new couple/friend poses @ (.vix)!

hellooooooo everybody!

two posts in two days, i must be on a roll. ;p

however, i’ve got some shameless self promotion to take care of. ’cause ya see, i’ve made some *new* couples && friends poses that i’m just itchin’ to show off~

new releases @ (.vix)

the first pose, called please? (on the left!), is a.. slightly racy 😉 couples pose. well, i suppose it could be racy.. it depends on what you’re asking please for!

the second pose, called stay with me (on the right bottom), is a sweeter, intimate couple pose. park yourself right on your partner’s lap so they *have* to stay put with you, bwahah!

and lastly, the *big* group pose, called got my sisters with me (on the right top) is a reeeeeally fun one. i know from personal experience that finding larger group poses can be difficult, so i included five poseballs with this set! however, i made the poses in such a way that allows you to drop one or two or even three off the set for smaller group pics, if needed! very handy~

as always, all three poses are located on my marketplace store, just sort Age: Newest First to see them easily!

or you can hitch a ride here, to the (.vix) inworld location to test all the poses for yourself! ♥

all about family

the longer i’m in second life, the more open minded i become to other ways to experience our virtual world. there’s more to it than just shopping and posing (though you’d be hard-pressed to realize that if you read *my* blog!), and the longer i’m around other avatars… the more i realize this.

the family communnity in sl is something i’ve shied away from in the past, but that was simply because i didn’t understand it. i am still learning, but i have a better understanding now of the what and the why.. and it’s all thanks to making poses, believe it or not.

the last time i made family poses was my first *real* exposure to that side of sl.. and since then, i’ve made more friends in that community. and i cannot deny how absolutely adorable kidatars can be.. especially when they act just like you think they will && make standing on a static pose for a while to take a vendor snapshot incredibly difficult.

but! if you can wrangle them long enough, the results are pretty darned cute..

so yes, indeed, i’ve made some more family-oriented poses… this time, a round of four. one for just the kidlets, two for an adult + two kids, and one for two adults + one kid. cute, silly, cuddly, and all around sweet. i had a lot of fun making these!

all four pose sets are currently listed on my marketplace store (sort Age: Newest First to see them easily!) and of course, they’re available at the (.vix) inworld mainstore, where you can test out the poses for yourself!

little bit of cosplay

i know i’m not the only one, but i am *definitely* not immune to gacha insanity. i love them just as much as the next sl resident.. and it doesn’t matter which event it is, i will most likely find something in a gacha machine to go crazy for.

so when bff vivi && i saw some sailor scout inspired lingerie sets from tsg at an event called omgacha, we knew we had to collect them *all*. no ifs ands or buts about it — we had to have every. single. set.

we are both HUGE fans of sailor moon.. it reminds us so much of our childhood. the english, dubbed version of sailor moon came on every day on cartoon network after school and i rarely missed an airing. i was always fondest of sailor mercury && sailor jupiter, but there’s a sort of *nostalgic love* for all the inner and outer senshi. i’ve seen just about every episode, the movies, have read some of the manga — i think *obsessed* is even putting it lightly. so seeing these sets, with their butt bows and adorable sailor collars.. i think i went completely out of my mind with wanting all of them.

so, naturally, vivienne and i plugged our lindens into the machine until we did, in fact, get every last pair.. and that inspired a cosplay photoshoot that is just too awesome not to share!

moooooooon priiismmmmmmmm POWEEEEEEERR~!!!


grand opening

are you ready for some exciting news?! well, exciting for me… and i *hope* exciting for you, too!

my store build is *complete*. which means…

the (.vix) inworld mainstore is now OPEN!!

aaaaaaaand… i have a li’l gift to celebrate!

this slink HUD includes 5 french tip manicures, each with a black base && glitter… in a range of colors. and they all have fun, new-year-related color names, too!

to grab the gift, join my inworld group (simply copy this link & paste it in local chat inworld to join: secondlife:///app/group/999901e0-bcab-512f-9e07-8d62cf7e68f6/about or just visit my new mainstore and click the group poster in the front to get an invite!) and there’s an easel by the TP point for the gift! wear your tag, click the easel, and get you some new *freebie* nails!

i am so excited, you guys, you really have no idea! this has been so much work over the last several days (which has given me a whole *new* appreciation for other content creators on the grid && the work they put in to make us nice stuff!), but it’s been worth it. i’ve already enjoyed having an inworld presence and it’s not even been officially open until now!

so tp down, grab a gift, take a peek around and lemme know what you think! i may be hanging around there off ‘n’ on today too, so make sure you say hi if you see me~

big things

so i’ve had a few big things happen to me in the last several days or so, that i haven’t yet blogged about… and i thought maybe now might be a good time to do so!

after all, this blog is vixxie’s virtual life && these things have a pretty decent impact on my virtual life, so let’s get to dishin’!




so, um, a bit of backstory on this one! ehe~


new pose packs

somehow with all the holiday craziness, i managed to make *three* new pose sets!

yay me!


holiday stuffs

so! i’ve made some stuff… some holiday stuff!

holiday stuffs

and i’m pretty excited about it. :3


poses & nails

i always get super excited to show off the things i’ve made here on my blog. i may not be the most talented content creator on the grid, but i’m proud of the little things i make. and it’s even better when i can rope my friends into helping me with the ad photos, because then i’m even more proud to show it all off. :’)

so! new stuff!