dance, dance

it’s been a while since i took part in the lovely strawberry singh‘s monday memes, but when i saw *this* particular challenge… oh i was soooo all over it!

the premise is dancing in second life && since making dance videos is a thing i quite enjoy (and have done quite a few over the years!), i figured i pretty much was obligated to take part.

so here’s my li’l contribution to the pool — a retro-flavored dance video with my girls vivi and pumms, set to a quirky song that is, admittedly, a bit of an inside joke between the three of us~

i’ve been wanting an excuse to do a video to this song… this was a great opportunity to rope my besties into it with me, too!

now, onto the rest of the meme…



because i’m….

i may not gush here continuously about allarik.. but i can’t deny the fact that he makes me feel unbelievably loved. so much so that whenever he’s around, i can’t help but smile. he’s become such a huge, huge, huge part of my life (both first && second) that i’m so thankful these days that he’d given me a chance at all. and because of that, i found something in him that i thought i wouldn’t find in a relationship…


it’s sappy, yeah i know. but don’t rain on my parade! my happy, happy parade!


we haven’t discussed our wedding or anything of yet. it may happen sometime this year, but it doesn’t even *need* to honestly. i’m as happy now as i ever thought i could be && am content to take things slowly. we can be one of those couples that’s engaged forever and i’m okay with that. as long as i have him, i’m happy no matter what, really..

what does the fox say?

with the help of five friends (three of which are itty bitty and so stinkin’ cute), i decided to show off the new mesh fox pajamas from intrigue co in the only way i knew how…

…through song.

enjoy the video! it was so fun to make! minus a few issues with getting everybody in place… and a few more issues with three certain little ones who definitely had ants in their pants…. and maybe a best friend + hubby who were just as bad at standing still… aaaaand one or two potty breaks. but yesyes, still fun. ;p

my li’l friend ashlynne (the one in the dark pigtails!) passed us the dancer + song && said it is a freebie from tic tac toe, but she grabbed it from heritage, if you’re interested! and of course, the pjs are intrigue which are out @ collabor88!

and now, i will have that song stuck in my head for daaaaaaays. but totally worth it!

thriller night

it’s close to miiiiii~idnight and something evil’s lurkin’ in the daaaa~aarkkkkk~~

thriller night

undeeeer the mooo~ooonliiight, you see a sight that almost stops your heaaaaarrtttt~~


day 12: hands to yourself

do you dance a lot in sl? i do! even if i’m just derping around on my platform in the sky, if a song comes on my radio stream that i like.. or i’m listening to my own music.. or if i’m just feelin’ like watching my avatar in motion… then i *dance*.

this is also evidenced by the sheer number of videos i’ve taken in sl that are of me dancing. and i’m about to add another video to the collection!

you see, i grabbed this dance from abramations this morning… and i simply had to show it off..

if you watch it, i’m sure you can understand why i was so eager to share!