love never felt so good

howdy ya’ll!

so i’ve been around, on sl. doin’ stuff, hangin’ out, y’know the drill. i just haven’t really felt much like blogging. i’m not dead, i swear it.. just kind of fell out of love with the whole bloggity thing.

..well, until now.

you see, somethin’ rather important happened the other day && i felt like a blog post commemorating it seemed appropriate~


allarik and i got married!



because i’m….

i may not gush here continuously about allarik.. but i can’t deny the fact that he makes me feel unbelievably loved. so much so that whenever he’s around, i can’t help but smile. he’s become such a huge, huge, huge part of my life (both first && second) that i’m so thankful these days that he’d given me a chance at all. and because of that, i found something in him that i thought i wouldn’t find in a relationship…


it’s sappy, yeah i know. but don’t rain on my parade! my happy, happy parade!


we haven’t discussed our wedding or anything of yet. it may happen sometime this year, but it doesn’t even *need* to honestly. i’m as happy now as i ever thought i could be && am content to take things slowly. we can be one of those couples that’s engaged forever and i’m okay with that. as long as i have him, i’m happy no matter what, really..

big things

so i’ve had a few big things happen to me in the last several days or so, that i haven’t yet blogged about… and i thought maybe now might be a good time to do so!

after all, this blog is vixxie’s virtual life && these things have a pretty decent impact on my virtual life, so let’s get to dishin’!




so, um, a bit of backstory on this one! ehe~


day 17: just because

i don’t really need an excuse (or even a *good* excuse) to take fancy pictures.. sometimes, it just happens. other times, it’s planned. but the fact remains that i am always up for a photoshoot.

photography in sl is something i really, really enjoy. the entire process, to me, is what makes it fun. finding the right outfit, cycling through poses, searching out a nice sim or a good backdrop to use… playing with windlight settings, editing the pics.. all of it.

now, i can’t say that i’m exceptionally good at it yet.. even though i’ve been blogging pictures of mine for more than three years now, i’d still say i have a lot to learn. i don’t always follow the rule of thirds, i’m not incredible with photoshop, and there are times when my creativity just goes poof && i can’t take a picture or put together an outfit to save my life.

..but just because i’m not as fantastic as i could be just yet doesn’t mean i don’t take photos i’m proud of.

just because

though, admittedly, it helps when you have some eye candy that *also* contributes awesome ideas to the mix.


day 12: hands to yourself

do you dance a lot in sl? i do! even if i’m just derping around on my platform in the sky, if a song comes on my radio stream that i like.. or i’m listening to my own music.. or if i’m just feelin’ like watching my avatar in motion… then i *dance*.

this is also evidenced by the sheer number of videos i’ve taken in sl that are of me dancing. and i’m about to add another video to the collection!

you see, i grabbed this dance from abramations this morning… and i simply had to show it off..

if you watch it, i’m sure you can understand why i was so eager to share!


day 4: surprise wedding

have you ever logged into second life, at your home, and found your best friend && her fiance standing on your porch… in very suspicious clothing?

no? just me, then?

yeahhhh, i couldn’t believe it either, at first. but the telltale signs were all there… the white dress and veil, his nice white tux… and if that hadn’t given it away, vivienne’s new display name of mrs. vivi daines when her actual last name is tailleur certainly gave it away.

yeup. my best friend (of over twenty-five years irl, mind you) freakin’ eloped without me!!


busy bee

i’ve made more nails! \o/


i wasn’t kidding when i said these were fun to make. even though i’m currently only focusing on my own wants && needs when it comes to nails (how selfish of me!), i’m still excited about releasing these HUDs on the marketplace. it’ll be doubly exciting to see my textures on someone’s nails other than my own ;p but i’m taking baby steps for now~


i made stuff

yeah, i made stuff. :3 yay for me?

lay back & kick off those shoes


i’m honestly not the fastest worker when it comes to makin’ things. i tend to get “inspired” to work on poses at the most random times… and by random, i mean as few times as possible, really. but when i do actually sit down and work on them, i seem to get quite a few things done.. funny how that works, huh?