dance, dance

it’s been a while since i took part in the lovely strawberry singh‘s monday memes, but when i saw *this* particular challenge… oh i was soooo all over it!

the premise is dancing in second life && since making dance videos is a thing i quite enjoy (and have done quite a few over the years!), i figured i pretty much was obligated to take part.

so here’s my li’l contribution to the pool — a retro-flavored dance video with my girls vivi and pumms, set to a quirky song that is, admittedly, a bit of an inside joke between the three of us~

i’ve been wanting an excuse to do a video to this song… this was a great opportunity to rope my besties into it with me, too!

now, onto the rest of the meme…




okay okay okay… stop me if you’ve heard this one.

so. a demon hunter, a hogwarts student && a fairytale princess walk into a bar..


..“ouch!”, they all said.

*ba dum ching*

maaaaaaybe i’m not a comedian, but i will definitely admit to being a geek. and strawberry singh‘s latest meme, all about embracing the geek within is so totally up my alley that i could not wait to participate!

and the best part? i got my two besties, vivi (wielding the wand) and pumms (holding the apple) to *geek* it up with me for a quick cosplay photoshoot.. all with items we snagged from the geeks and nerds event that inspired the meme to begin with. the event, btw, is soooooooo worth a visit, we had so much fun looking around. and i totally fangirl SQUEE’D over this mesh messenger bag from boom because of it’s supernatural reference. omggggg.

but anyway, let’s get this meme started!


this is halloween

it’s heeeeeeeeeeeere! finally!

happy halloween, everyone!

this is halloween

i am the who when you call who’s there?

take a listen && get in the spooky spirit with me~ i hope everyone has a fun, *safe* halloween night tonight… filled with lots of scares and tons of candy!



i used to really enjoy doing ms. strawberry singh‘s monday memes.. not only were they a big part of the blog everyday in june irez project that i took part in, but they were also just *fun*. imagine how excited i was to see, after returning from a sl/blog hiatus, that her memes are still a thing!

so even though it is not, in fact, monday right now.. i thought i’d tackle the latest meme today by doing the autumn challenge~


thankfully, this one was nice && simple… y’know, to ease back into the swing of things.


day 24: digits

it’s monday! that means one thing to me: memes. and this week, berry‘s challenge is one i’ve wanted to do for a while.. all about our avatar digits.


it’s not something i’d ever done on my old blog — i think i *perfectly* timed my breaks from blogging to correspond with when berry issued the first two “what’s your digits?” challenges — so i’m actually excited to finally be able to do it!


day 19: little bit weird

so, you know, i’m a little weird. not afraid to admit it either! abnormal, geeky, unusual, awkward, eccentric, oddball… you would *totally* not be off-base in calling me these.

little bit weird

and i’m bringing it up because of strawberry singh‘s latest meme about weird stuff–..

wait a second…

it’s not about *us* being weird, it’s the questions that are supposed to be weird?

so, uh. let’s pretend we didn’t read any of that stuff above, shall we?!


day 11: night of the sliving dead

i took a pass on strawberry singh‘s meme last week, to make an acrostic poem… because unfortunately, i just had to pick a sl name that not only includes one, but has *double* x in it. and i’m just not clever enough to make xylophone and xeroxes work in a poem.

however, this week? i am totally all over it!! i can handle making a movie poster.. and i picked one of my favorite movies to parody, too.

..granted, the movie i picked has very little to do with my actual second life, but… i’m just rollin’ with it. ;p

night of the sliving dead

night of the sliving dead.. i’d watch it!



/me waves frantically!

hiiiii! i’m baaack~~ my move was a success (and yes, also stressful), but i’m all moved in and my ‘net is back on and i am a happy girl. ^_^ i gave myself a few days to get stuffs situated but now i’m back! and so happy to be!!

i thought since i’m back online and all moved in (just not all unpacked yet, eh heh), that i’d get back to blogging by doing two challenges. one of which is strawberry singh‘s meme about communications… and the second is to start off avatar blogger month! hopefully i can keep up with it and actually blog every day… i am sure as hell gonna try my best!


so let’s get things started!

don’t judge me

i’m a wee bit late (okay, more than a week late actually), but since i enjoy ms. singh‘s memes so much, i figured i might as well do it… even if it is tardy.


shh, i’m about to tell you my sl guilty confessions. it’s just between you && me, riiiiiiiight?


vixxie’s basics

hi, my name is vixxie, and i am totally addicted to doing memes.

i spied this particular one, by magenta devinna, while on plurk earlier today… and while i’m no longer a “fashion blogger”, it seemed too fun to pass up…

…especially since i stopped blogging fashion all the time, the staples in my wardrobe have more firmly cemented themselves in place. i rarely change skin brands or eye colors or piercings much anymore unless i’m going for something specific, which is a *lot* different than how i used to dress when i was blogging a new look of the day frequently. it wasn’t uncommon for me to switch skins, hair brands, eye colors, piercings, tattoos… several times a day back when i blogged my outfits. but now? my favorites have definitely emerged && i’ve found that most of my outfits tend to start with the same items.

so here are my absolute basics


all the stuffs that i wear frequently, and goes into making me look like me!