new vix nails!

/me dusts off the cobwebs

hellooooooooo everybody!

since my new blog with my girls, current outfit, has taken over most of my bloggin’ time instead of here.. i’ve decided to convert *this* li’l slice of the interwebs into an update blog for my store, .vix!

and since you’re seein’ this, that means there’s new stuff to be had!

new (.vix) nails!

there’s *three* NEW nail sets out, as well as an updated older set — and all four include slink, maitreya & omega appliers! the older set, bright solids has been updated with new textures as well, which is awesomely exciting (to me at least, shh).

if you’d like to check ’em out, then you can find them on my marketplace store.


grand opening

are you ready for some exciting news?! well, exciting for me… and i *hope* exciting for you, too!

my store build is *complete*. which means…

the (.vix) inworld mainstore is now OPEN!!

aaaaaaaand… i have a li’l gift to celebrate!

this slink HUD includes 5 french tip manicures, each with a black base && glitter… in a range of colors. and they all have fun, new-year-related color names, too!

to grab the gift, join my inworld group (simply copy this link & paste it in local chat inworld to join: secondlife:///app/group/999901e0-bcab-512f-9e07-8d62cf7e68f6/about or just visit my new mainstore and click the group poster in the front to get an invite!) and there’s an easel by the TP point for the gift! wear your tag, click the easel, and get you some new *freebie* nails!

i am so excited, you guys, you really have no idea! this has been so much work over the last several days (which has given me a whole *new* appreciation for other content creators on the grid && the work they put in to make us nice stuff!), but it’s been worth it. i’ve already enjoyed having an inworld presence and it’s not even been officially open until now!

so tp down, grab a gift, take a peek around and lemme know what you think! i may be hanging around there off ‘n’ on today too, so make sure you say hi if you see me~

big things

so i’ve had a few big things happen to me in the last several days or so, that i haven’t yet blogged about… and i thought maybe now might be a good time to do so!

after all, this blog is vixxie’s virtual life && these things have a pretty decent impact on my virtual life, so let’s get to dishin’!




so, um, a bit of backstory on this one! ehe~


holiday stuffs

so! i’ve made some stuff… some holiday stuff!

holiday stuffs

and i’m pretty excited about it. :3


poses & nails

i always get super excited to show off the things i’ve made here on my blog. i may not be the most talented content creator on the grid, but i’m proud of the little things i make. and it’s even better when i can rope my friends into helping me with the ad photos, because then i’m even more proud to show it all off. :’)

so! new stuff!




back to work

of course, after i made my *oh so triumphant* return to sl last week.. i spent the majority of my time messing with my inventory, shopping, and trying to catch up. not gonna lie, i’m still trying to catch up fully, but that’s not the point!

the point is: once i felt mostly comfortable in world again, i almost immediately got right back into makin’ nail appliers. what can i say… they are *so* fun to experiment with! because that’s what i’m doing as a newbie “content creator”.. experimenting. so far, though, i am liking the results!


old blogging habits die really hard, so i still struggle with making ads that show the nails off nicely while also attempting to offer some sort of appropriate “styling” for them. i think ads like mine indulge me in the i miss fashion blogging sometimes sort of way, which is why all my marketplace listings also show all the nails, in all possible colors, close up in a separate set of pictures.. that way i can still take pics like these && not shoot myself in the foot in terms of marketing!

that’s how you’re supposed to do it, right?


day 20: hands & feet

pink fuel finally has slink feet appliers! rejoice with me! rejoice!!!

and after my post yesterday, with all those different hand poses, i came to the realization that default avatar hands are *fugly*. so i splurged on a pack of slink’s mesh hands, too.

so now all my mesh body parts match seamlessly! \o/

…yes, this is really all i wanted to blog today. don’t judge me!

day 14: freebie

everybody loves freebies, right? i know i sure do… so i have a new one to share, but it’s one that *i* made this time! \o/


this back to back friends pose is up for freeeeee in my marketplace store, just because i felt like making a new freebie~ ❤ there’s also the first freebie pose set i made still up, too, if you’re needing some single poses as well.

aren’t i generous? ;p

…the answer is “yes!”, btw.


busy bee

i’ve made more nails! \o/


i wasn’t kidding when i said these were fun to make. even though i’m currently only focusing on my own wants && needs when it comes to nails (how selfish of me!), i’m still excited about releasing these HUDs on the marketplace. it’ll be doubly exciting to see my textures on someone’s nails other than my own ;p but i’m taking baby steps for now~



it’s been a li’l quiet in here! i’m soooooorry, but i promise i have a good reason for that.


i’ve been making stuff! lots of stuff! so much stuff. @_@

can you tell from the pic what it is? probably not (lol ;P) but it’s nails. glorious nails! nails for hands and nails for feets! and i am so flippin’ excited about it!