what the kerfluffle?

with the current round of the arcade winding down to its last few days… i’ve been trying my hand at grabbing those last few things that we so *desperately* need. plugging machines, trading commons, snooping out rares, you know the drill.

however, after teleporting home after my last attempt, i swear at playing the machines, i came to realize something.

i think we may have an infestation of sheeps in our home.

so many sheep

it must have happened gradually… a kerfluffle sheep from half deer here, another kerfluffle sheep there, setting up a scene with them (like with the candy bar, those sheeps must have one hell of a sweet tooth!), looking for an empty spot that needed *something* cute…. aaaaand suddenly, our house is completely overrun with adorable li’l sheeps!!

so many sheep pt2

not that i’m complaining. because how can one *really* complain about so much cuteness? i’m just afraid i’ll log in one day and they’ll all be shuffled around, as if they’d moved on their own…

and then i’ll be afraid for my life.



i really love the arcade. i mean, i know i’ve mentioned it before… but i really really love the arcade.

it’s seriously full of so much stuff that i didn’t know i couldn’t slive without before. snowglobes, advent calendars, chipmunk avatars, fur-trimmed coats, ice skates, chia pets(!!), and hair… oh, the hair. i about *died* over the clawtooth && exile gatcha machines this round and plugged so much money in trying to get the light blonde colors in each.

but the thing i probably like best is something that i personally didn’t buy.


bff vivi actually bought the igloo and i fell in love with it. not only can you sit on it, but you can sleep in it, and it’s just adorable. it’s even better when you can snuggle up with someone special and can ignore your cold buns because every other part of you is so warm……


anyway! the igloo is awesome and so is the rest of my haul from my first go ’round… because yes, i will be back!

day 3: gacha

it seems like june 1st ignited some gacha fever across the grid, as always happens when there’s a new round of the arcade up. and i certainly am not immune!

bff vivi && i spent the better part of the weekend browsing yard sales and popping in ‘n’ out of the arcade event itself, feeding machines and scooping extras. and so far, my haul is pretty awesome!

i got the glam affair skins i was wanting, and helped vivienne score the rare #10 she was wanting too.. i grabbed a few from pink fuel as well, just because the harley skin is *too* adorable despite the brown brows (ah if only it had light brows too, then my blonde self would’ve been even more insane over the pf gacha ;P)… i *finally* found the wheat clawtooth hair i was dying for, as well as having a pretty much full wardrobe of the hairstyle in other colors… and the rest of the items i won from the machines..


..seemed to match each other rather well! black hucci car, black auxiliary legwarmers, black teefy dress… oh, and of course, ernie.. who is arguably the most adorable of the bunch of plushie pals from intrigue co this round!

i’ll still be browsing yard sales and probably also trying my best to get into the event a few more times, just ’cause it’s so much fun. the arcade is a blast, especially after you’ve gotten the *important* stuff.. everything else is just icing on the gacha-shaped cake!