love never felt so good

howdy ya’ll!

so i’ve been around, on sl. doin’ stuff, hangin’ out, y’know the drill. i just haven’t really felt much like blogging. i’m not dead, i swear it.. just kind of fell out of love with the whole bloggity thing.

..well, until now.

you see, somethin’ rather important happened the other day && i felt like a blog post commemorating it seemed appropriate~


allarik and i got married!



day 4: surprise wedding

have you ever logged into second life, at your home, and found your best friend && her fiance standing on your porch… in very suspicious clothing?

no? just me, then?

yeahhhh, i couldn’t believe it either, at first. but the telltale signs were all there… the white dress and veil, his nice white tux… and if that hadn’t given it away, vivienne’s new display name of mrs. vivi daines when her actual last name is tailleur certainly gave it away.

yeup. my best friend (of over twenty-five years irl, mind you) freakin’ eloped without me!!